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    Minifish number 1

    I think it would be cool to own number 1. Think of the minds behind the hands that put it together.
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    CALIFORNIA Shrunken canvas Sunfish boat cover (minifish?) for trade obo

    So, my boat came with an old canvas cover, reinforced with fake leather in the right places, there are a few wear spots here and there. It has shrunk I guess? I’ll trade for something cool or the cost of shipping. Here are the pics:
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    The SailingForums Joke Section

    What’s a pirates favorate vegetable? Arrrtachokes
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    Winter storage covering

    I just put an ad in our local classifieds for a carport frame - no tent. I’m making a chicken run, so i’ll cover it in chicken wire. I got three calls and i’m going to look at an 8x20 frame this week. Once the tent fabric rots away, people don’t really know what to do with their frames.
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    Rudder blade repair

    I think a good repair will be stronger than most wood fiber, so I would cut to leave the best possible mating surface regardless of where the holes are. I think it’s cool that you are going to pin it too! What Webfoot1 says I agree 100% now you have me thinking that maybe I need some metal...
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    Maiden voyage

    Can’t bring myself to edit that one, too far out on a limb!
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    Maiden voyage

    Dang it, i forgot to capitalize the title...
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    Maiden voyage

    Well actually according to this book that I may have been reading: “The use of a “slash guard” was popular on earlier Sunfish, from the mid 11th century, until the 1370’s, when the emergence of black powder rifles on the battlefield reduced the amount of slashing. Some historians theorize that...
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    Maiden voyage

    It is a yoga thing that you roll yourself on like a massage. I got it at Kmart for $15, I couldn’t find any funnoodles to use as padding. It works good and stays put where it is behind the slash guard.
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    New John Howard style SF bunks

    Really nice job! I’m beginning to wonder if rollers are even necessary or if they are even a hazard to these lightweight boats.
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    Maiden voyage

    So I managed to get the Sunfish all squared away, paperwork wise. Thank you AAA ladies! So today my son and I took the boat up to Crowley and met up with our friends and their tri-maran. They whupped us across the lake. But we had fun and some good sailing all the way to the middle of...
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    1979 Sunfish restoration

    I’m enjoying this thread! Super helpful pictures, advice and information. It’s past my bedtime though... gotta finis reading tomorrow.
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    Transporting; deck up or deck down?

    Yah, multiple points exactly. The fine line between fine cracks in the hull and having your boat fly off into the bushes at the side of the highway!
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    How to apply epoxy inside the daggerboard trunk?

    That is a cool idea. It would have to be a balloon with enough stretch to toatally fill the space.
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    How to apply epoxy inside the daggerboard trunk?

    I just can’t do the horse and I don’t have any good pictures of myself. Let me look through the library some more