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    For Sale:  1987 Capri 14.2 w/trailer - NE Ohio (Atwood Lake)-$1500

    · Sail No. 1591 · Original mainsail & jib in very good condition · All new running rigging · Garaged in off season · Sailed only in fresh water · Self bailing cockpit · Includes: § Rudder with tiller & extension § Center board § Boom Vang §...
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    Boom Height?

    How high above the base of the mast should the boom be attached? I have a 1987 Capri with its original sails. The boom is attached to the mast at a point 24" above the base of the mast and as a result the top of the mainsail is about 6-10" below the top of the mast when it is fully raised. Can...
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    Cleaning Hull

    Your message was prophetic but alas too late. After removing the uncoated boat from the water and pressure washing and scrubbing off algae and scum buildup a large number of small blisters were observed on the hull. After reading numerous internet articles on blistering (causes, repair options...
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    Cleaning Hull

    I've had my Capri docked all summer in a fresh water lake. The hull has considerable algae on it and I would like recommendations on the best way to clean it after I pull it out and trailer it home before storing it for the winter.
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    Singlehanding 14.2 - Need suggestions

    Tiller Tamer? Can you be more specific about what a tiller tamer is? I have run a bungi cord around the tiller handle and the rear hiking strap as a means of keeping the tiller from moving but I'm sure there is a better way.
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    Sail Raising Sequence

    After years of sailing a single sail Sunfish I now am the happy owner of a Capri 14.2 which I sail on an inland lake in Ohio. We keep the boat at a dock and use an electric trolling motor to get away from and return to the slip. Once out in the clear we raise the sails. I've been hoisting the...