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    I use the Buzz 8mm. It's cheap and is easier for me to hold the bigger diameter than the 7mm ropes.
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    Uses of Grab rails

    Re: Grab rails I hook my toes under them for light/medium air hiking and steering upwind.
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    CA DMV registration stickers

    It really depends on the harbor, and what the harbor patrol boss has on his priority list. Dana Point used to be notorious for stopping people for not having CF numbers and registration stickers in the correct location. I have not sailed out of there in years, so I don't know if the situation...
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    200,000 Lasers and Counting!

    Cool! I'm in! I'll gladly pay freight from RI to L.A. for #200000.
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    2011 championships

    See you at California Yacht Club for Nat'ls. I'm not going to Masters Worlds, so I'll be drifting around Santa Monica Bay with the rest of you.
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    Two boats on Kitty Hawk trailer I believe that they are the suppliers to APS.
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    Trailer vs Roof Rack

    What's the trick on securing the spars in this setup?
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    Laser Deck Covers

    And it looks like they are now supplying Intensity Sails with some of the Laser covers that they sell.
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    2010 US Masters?

    It's on the calendar:
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    Laser sail quality and cost

    Re: Progress on new sail design ? Laser Tech committee NZ sails?!? :eek:
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    Are foils made of Ozonlynium superior to others?

    I'd like a set of foils that I can leave in my car, resting on a flat surface, and not warp on a sunny day.
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    Sailing Athlete Commits Anti-Doping Rule Violation

    Sucky rule. Cannabis is not performance enhancing. If the sailor had EPO or CERA in their bloodwork, that is some serious doping.
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    Sailor not happy.

    What's the white stuff?
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    Replica Gear: Let's Get It All Out In The Open!!

    I'm just freaked out about the attempt to knock off that Laser Radial sail. That took some effort.
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    Lockpit and new deck hardware

    What I really need is a solution that places the Lockpit's upper 'deck' about 1/2" higher than it is currently, and still allows the arms to close across the top and hook the grabrails. Well, the Lockpit was for the yacht club as insurance against junior sailors borrowing parts, and with the...