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    "Sailing with motor attached"

    No sailing problems, have a 4-stroke 2HP Honda (lower weight than yours). Balancing comes natural. My bracket still causes prop to sometimes touch water on a starboard fetch but not much when tilted up. Prop needs to point straight back so that it does not touch rudder. (But even if it does, my...
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    Some pix from season 1

    motor bracket I forgot to mention: The motor bracket cost me <$30, it uses a 2x10 treated board, some galvanized bolts and a galvanized trailer bracket for a roll to actually mount the motor. There is absolutely NO hole in the hull, it sits on the grove of the stern. The prop will, however...
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    Some pix from season 1

    salty pics from Harkers Island Hi! Bought a 14.2 from SC last Spring, have had lots of fun around the sounds of Harkers Island, NC (close to Beaufort) -- going to Core Banks (lighthouse, in background of one pic) and wild horses on Shackleford Banks (all Nat'l Park, miles and miles of empty...
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    wanted: Capri around Raleigh, NC (or max. 7 hrs driving)

    I'm looking for a used 14.2 in good shape + trailer (both w/ clear titles) to take out my family every now and then. Local area prefered, but will drive up to 7 hours. Frank
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    1992 Capri 14.2 for sale in South Carolina

    still for sale? Hi! Have you sold it yet? If not, please let me know. I also sent you an e-mail. Frank