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    where do you sail?

    Not in Texas, but I'll reply anyway. Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis. I keep it on a buoy that I rent from the city.
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    Oops - over she goes....

    The person from whom I bought the boat installed a rope ladder, which was attached to the hiking strap at the rear. When I capsized in my first season, it worked great. I reached over, pulled the rope ladder down and climbed in. It just sort of folds up and sits in the bottom of the boat at...
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    Keeping Your Cuddy Dry

    My cuddy always seems a bit damp (it is always on the water on a buoy). I take my sails home every day.
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    Great sailing

    The weather has not been ideal here, but I have enjoyed some great sailing this year in Minnesota. It's my second year with the boat, and I must say that getting more experience with the boat has helped a lot when going solo. What a great boat this 14.2 is!
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    Close to sailing season again

    I am envious. It has warmed up a lot here, but still, there ice was very thick here. I think that the second week in April will be best case scenario.
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    Close to sailing season again

    Close to sailing season again in Minneapolis. I suspect, based upon the weather, that the ice will be off my lake in the first or second week of April. There are no mooring buoys until mid May, however. That is when most people bring their boats back. Right now, as of March 19, it is...
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    Replacement shrouds from Catalina

    Do you have a link to the place where you ordered the new shrouds? Mine are probably OEM from 1988, and it wouldn't hurt to replace them. thanks.
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    It's out of the weeds

    It's nice to see you rescue this boat. Mine is also a 1988, #2382. Good luck with this project.
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    Storage questions

    It is the end of the sailing season here in Minnesota, and I have some questions. I am storing the boat outside, on the trailer, with tarps. Is it recommended that I de-rig the boat completely and take off all of the lines? I took off the halyards, but what about the jib, main sheet lines...
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    Hull Number Information PLEASE

    The link is on the front page Here it is, also. LINK
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Question about towing

    Well then, I am going to go for it. Thanks for the replies.
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    First Sail!

    Heh The boat that you were going to look at is probably the one that I bought! It worked out great because I live close by and wanted to keep it on that buoy. What color is your boat? Any pics?
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    First Sail!

    Stillwater, eh? A fellow Minnesotan. What lake do you sail on? I keep mine on Calhoun in Minneapolis. I always thought it would be fun to go out on the St. Croix.
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    Question about towing

    I know this is more of a question relating to my car, but I thought I would ask here because many of you obviously have towed your boats. It is almost time to get my Capri out of the water for the season. I have never towed the boat before because I just bought it this summer. I understand...