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    1997 Sunfish Sailboat

    1997 Sunfish Sailboat. Newer boat in very good condition showing only normal wear. All original. No repairs. Fully equipped and ready to sail. $1,650.00. Call (860) 490-4226.
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    Minifish Parts for Sale

    I have two AMF Minifish boats worth of parts. Sails, Masts, Spars and Hulls. No daggers or rudders. One sail is excellent, other is in good condition. Masts and spars are excellent. Hulls need some work. Call (860) 490-4226 for individual prices or the complete package.
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    Sunfish Trailer for sale in CT

    This is an excellent Sunfish trailer that's ready to use. It is a galvanized trailer with new lights/wiring, new wheels & tires, new bearing buddies, and freshly re-packed wheel bearings. Great condition $400.00.
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    New to sailing Looking for a sunfish

    Hi Mike, I have a nice Sunfish that I'd like to sell. I'm located in CT as well. Give me a call if you're still looking. (860) 490-4226.
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    WTB: Sunfish in SECT

    Hi, If you are still looking for a sunfish, I have a couple to choose from which are in nice condition. I am located in south east CT. Please give me a call at (860) 490-4226. Thanks.
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    Minifish wanted - Northeast

    Hi, I have a couple of minifish boats that I'm looking to sell. I am located in CT. If you are interested, please give me a call at (860) 490-4226
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    Trailer for sale

    I am located just north of Old Saybrook, CT.
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    Trailer for sale

    I have a sunfish trailer that I no longer need. It is a newer galvanized MAGIC TILT trailer in excellent condition. Trailer is perfect for Sunfish, Laser, or other small boat. $350.00.
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    Sunfish For Sale in CT

    1975 Sunfish complete and ready to sail. $1,250.00 Very nice hull with great color and shine. Newer sail (Made by North Sails) in excellent condition. Rudder/Tiller and Daggerboard also in great shape. Selling boat only.Trailer (pictured) is not included.
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    Sunfish for Sale

    Hi dfamig, Could you please give me a call @ (860) 490-4226 I would like to come out to see the boat on Sunday AM if possible. Thanks.
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    Minifish for Sale

    Hi Surf23, Yes, the boat is still available. Please give me a call @ (860) 490-4226 and I can tell you a little more about it.
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    Minifish for Sale

    Here are some pictures for those who are interested. The boat could use a good cleaning as evident from the bottom of the hull.
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    Minifish for Sale

    Hi, It's raining today, but I can send you pictures as soon as I can set it up to take some. Where exactly in PA do you live?. I could possibly deliver the boat for a per/mile fee if it was not too far from where I am located.
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    Minifish for Sale

    1970's Vintage Minifish For Sale . This is a complete boat in good codition. The hull is a little heavy and has had some minor repairs along the way. The sail is in excellent condition with the colors still vivid and bright. The mast and spars are also in excellent condition. The rudder and...