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    Nice work!
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    A sail is not a sail...

    No. I left it on the booms. What's the tool?
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    Sunfish Bible on sale at APS (40% off)

    $9.95 shipping in US.
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    Making a Sunfish Wind Indicator

    Excellent design! Thanks for posting all the detailed pics.
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    Sealing mast and booms

    Thanks Wjejr. I found your post, and it is very helpful.
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    Sealing mast and booms

    Is it necessary to seal the mast and booms to prevent water from getting in during a capsize?
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    DIY daggerboard options

    I'm curious to see the results.
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    A sail is not a sail...

    At this stage I'm just learning to sail. Grommets are ok. I patched some holes with sail tape. Power washed the dirt and grime off. So I'm probably ok for now, and maybe better spend the money on a ratchet block.
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    A sail is not a sail...

    So I bought an old, pre-72, Sunfish. I don't know how old the sail is. How can I tell whether the sail is in decent shape?
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    A sail is not a sail...

    I'd like to know the difference between the following sails: 1. LP Race sail ($395) 2. LP Regular sail ($300) 3. Intensity sail ($199) Does anyone have experience with all of these?
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    Maiden Voyage

    I want to say thanks to this forum who helped me to get my fixer-upper to sail. With your help I was able to do the following repairs: Modern rudder upgrade Inspection ports installation Minor hull patching Caulking Daggerboard restauration Rigging Leak test I'm happy to say that my wife and...
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    Bridle question

    So what about just using some low stretch line with a block?
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    Sail knots

    Thanks. That's what I was looking for.
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    Sail knots

    Got it: Mounting a sunfish sail Thx. Looks like this one has what I'm looking for: LP Sunfish Rigging Manual.
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    Sail knots

    I looked there already. Unfortunately he didn't specify the knots.