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    Rolex / Miami OCR regatta- am I welcome ?

    Hi 1Sailor, I enjoyed going to the Miami OCR regatta, I knew there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell I was going to be competative. It was light winds for 4 out of 5 racing days. We sailed (about my guess) 4-5 miles out in Biscayne bay. If you didn't know someone that had a coach boat...
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    Austin Laser Fleet #22 Wins the Mallory...again

    Ahh yup, Good thing he didn't sail on Sunday for the Easter Laser Regatta in 2006.... or He would have won that to! Fishingmickey 150087/181157
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    Looking for other laser sailors in New Mexico

    Howdy Doc, I did sail my Laser at Elephant Butte Reservoir once a couple of years back. Was a great time, with some serious high winds. Fishingmickey 150087/181157
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    new rudder and tiller extention

    Sailor 327.... You are right you won't bend a carbon fiber tiller extension, it'll break, I've broken two. The good thing about the aluminium is if you bend it, unless bent really badly you can straighten it back out. Wrapping sports tape or something similiar on the shaft will cure those...
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    New Sailor

    Oops one more thing, Here is the link to the North American Laser organization ( you should be able to locate your district secretary if your in North America. Fishingmickey
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    New Sailor

    Hello Weee, Welcome the the Laser community, I hope the way you have shown your Laser in the pictures isn't the way you plan to sail it. Look up a link for rigging the old style rigging (pre-2001 upgrade package) on either here (The Laser Forum) or the internet. Or even better see if you...
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    This is the only thing full rig sails are good for...

    Hummmm.... I wonder what happens when it's windy??;) Fishingmickey
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    Take a New Person Sailing Week

    Howdy Did someone ring my bell.... Betcha y'all thought I fell off the planet...... Just back from Alaska. Fishingmickey 150087/181157 P.S. anyone new want to go sailing? This won't be my first newbie rodeo.
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    Inverted Capsize

    Howdy Daddycool, After reading this thread... I think this maybe a possible solution for you... She's scared of capasizing and not being able to re-right I'm assuming (we all know what happens whenenced de assuming commences). Have you had her practice re-righting the boat in shallow...
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    Forestay replacement help

    Hello Borab, Replacing rivets is fairly easy and does not require a professional to remove and install. With a cordless drill and (I'm assuming it is a 3/16" rivet) 3/16" drill you can drill out the existing rivets. Then get (beg or borrow) a rivet gun and reinstall the new rivets. You...
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    Bailer install

    Hello Shawn, There's been a few threads on the auto-bailer. I not going to attemp to hunt for them. One of the things I've found to be very helpful in installing a bailer is to remove it, replace all of the parts you need to ("O" rings of course and maybe the pivoting door if it is...
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    Rigging in High Winds

    Hi All, This is one of the tricks I've used, I don't know if it will work for you or not. What I do is get the boat completely rigged mast stepped and boom attached to the vang, tighten the vang all the way to keep to boom against the deck, without having the sail on. Leaving cunningham...
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    Tiller - something missing?

    Hello Pez, If your fairly handy with tools and wood working, it's fairly simple to make a wedge, I bought and finished a wooden tiller, I cut a small wedge of teak and used a small stainless pan head wood screw to secure it to the square tiller along with some epoxy. Sanded it and used...
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    Crack in cockpit

    Not only is governail the man... He knows Lasers... Inside and out. Fishingmickey 150087/181157
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    Boat Names

    Mine is Skulduggery! skull·dug·ger·y or skul·dug·ger·y ( P ) Pronunciation Key (skl-dg-r) n. pl. skull·dug·ger·ies Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it. Regards, Fishingmickey 150087/181157