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    FS : 1963 Super Sailfish

    Beautiful 1963 Super Sailfish in excellent condition for sale. Comes with white Sailfish sail. I'm also looking for a Flying Junior and Optimist sailboats.
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    Wanted: Tiller for 1965 Super Sailfish

    In need of a tiller for a 1963 Super Sailfish, to get it back on the water after nearly 35 years! Thanks,
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    Do Sunfish T-Shirts Exist?

    Follow up here - I ordered one of the t shirts. Bottom line is save your money! The t shirt itself is of fair quality, but the iron on is poor. I ordered the exact shirt shown, and the blue is purple-ish. I expect the iron on to come off after a few washings.
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    Do Sunfish T-Shirts Exist?

    Hi All, Did anyone purchased a t-shirt from the above link? How satisfied are you? Thanks
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    Winter Maitenence and improvement

    Sorry for the hijacking, and thanks for replies.
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    Winter Maitenence and improvement

    I'd be interested to know what gear is requiredor works best for various water and air temperatures. And when do you say it's too _____ cold?
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    Your Opinion of Value and Any Suggestions Please

    Hi Folks, I came across a 1974 Sunfish, thats been sitting (deck down) outside for a few years. The spars and the rest of the rigging have been kept inside. Nearly everything is original, except the sail was replace at some point. There is a whole on the bottom that was epoxied. The owner...