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    Humming Centerboard

    Hi Dave, I too have had a pretty good hum in my centerboard at about 7 kts., but I am pretty sure (at least on my boat in particular) that it is from a large crack in the foot of the board. Already ordered a new one from Catalina (about $340 or so), but have yet to install it to see if it...
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    new bee question

    Crew Size Others may have a different opinion, but I feel the Capri 14.2 is best suited for two adults or one adult and two children (I mostly sail mine with my boys; 10 and 6. There is enough room for three on the high side, but with four, one person would always be forced to sit on th...
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    New member, first post

    Welcome/Check out the CIYC Hi Greg, I "sailed" out of the Channel Islands Harbor on many occassions in my two years in Port Hueneme, but I was mainly on my jet ski and heading out to Anacapa Island. :-) When I did sail, I used a friend's Capri 22 that he kept at the Channel Islands Yacht...
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    Stern Mast Crutch

    Mast Supports for Trailering If you must have the ultimate mast supports (both rear and front (for those like me who do not have a mast support on the trailer/extended winch post)) check out Under that website, go to trailers/dollies and look for both an aft mast stand...
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    New to sailing - new to the 14.2 - can I do this?

    Done Yet? Mooseman, I must agree with Scott's post, how much longer are you going to keep hanging onto this site? You have already made it painfully clear to everyone on the forum how you really feel about your Capri (though you never sailed it). I must say that I enjoy the challenge and fun...
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    Soft deck on 1991 14.2

    Soft Deck :-( Hi Bob, When you say your deck is soft, do you mean your foredeck or the main deck in the cockpit itself? If it is the cockpit, we had a forum member with similar problems with a Capri 14.2K Keel model who documented his dilemma pretty well about 6-9 months ago, though I...
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    Hikin Straps

    Hiking Straps Hi Jaybird, I just ordered a set of hiking straps through Cataline Direct about 4-5 weeks ago. They take about 6-8 weeks to deliver, so hopefully I'll see them when I return to NC from Kuwait. :-) Anyway, there are three straps, 2 from the Barney post forward and one from...
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    14.2 easy to capsize?

    Teaching the Young How to Sail Sorry to hear about the bad (capsizing) experience, Scott. I too bought my Capri 14.2 to "teach my boys how to sail." At the time they were four and one (O.K., so it was a little early, but I got our 14.2 for a GREAT deal from our neighbors), so my wife made me...
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    Should I oil my teak and other questions

    Brightening and Oiling Your Teak I have a 1987 Mod I, but was fortunate that it spent a lot of time in a garage with its previous owner. Now it is in the garage over winter and under a tarp next to the garage in summer. As far as restoring teak, if the surface it still in pretty decent shape...
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    Tohatsu 3.5 hp: too much motor?

    Too much power! Good morning, Jason, I found that a 25-35 hp engine on the back of a 14.2 gets it to plane nicely at around 35-40 mph, the only downside being you normally don't want to raise your sails, secure the boom, and remove the tiller/rudder and center the motor on the transom...
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    Capri 14.2 Rigging Mr. Lancaster, Attached is a file that regularly gets circulated around about how to rig your Capri. I believe the Cunningham is shown using the port side cleat. Let me know if it doesn't attach. Good luck. (Hopefully the quality is good enough.) Fish 89
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    1985 Capri 14.2 Solana Beach California

    Teaching the Kids to Sail Hi Climbthis, I am in the same position you are in (teaching my 8 and 4 year old boys how to sail). The Capri 14.2 is a great choice because once the kids learn the sailing basics on it, they can also race the boat. It is also fairly easy to handle...
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    1986 Capri 14.2 for Sale MA/NH Area ($630 right now!!)

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the last minute post, but I was just on eBay and saw a 1986 14.2 up for sale (that looked to be in good condition with an extra main (original) and replacement sails from 1995) with trailer for only $630!!! Only 3 hours left in the auction (9 P.M. EST, 05 SEP I...
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    What do you call this?

    Gust Ho, I believe you are looking for a "gooseneck assembly", Catalina part# D1221. You can go on their website at to preview it and confirm it before ordering. The slide for the mast is only $23.49, but the entire assembly is $86.67 (I believe that included shipping...
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    hiking straps? hatch water tight? replace batton?

    Trolling Motor / Battens Good morning, Stuart, Not sure how waterproof/watertight trolling motors are, but I'd certainly make sure the battery is securely fastened and in a battery box to minimize exposure. The best place to find out about the trolling motor question would be either to...