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    Looking for Lightly Used J24 Sails 2012 or Later

    Look at the ad above yours
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    North main, genny, spin.

    Would like to sell as set. $1950 for the genny if broken up.
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    North main, genny, spin.

    Fat Head Main. DX7TT Genoa. FR-2 Spinnaker. These sails are in perfect shape. Used 1 weekend. $4600 for the set
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    Paint Sprayer

    A gravity gun will not work on the bottom. A siphon rig is the only way to go. The viscosity of your product will determine your tip size.
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    Replacing old spinnaker sheaves

    Does any one know where to get to old style spinnaker sheaves? I have an older mast, and the sheaves From APSLTD are much narrower than the original ones. This is creating a halyard jamb from time to time. Thanks,
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    2012 Quantum set

    Above sails are sold.
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    2012 Quantum set

    Contact info for above sails. John 321 288-1157
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    2012 Quantum set

    Main and genny used 3 times. Light air. Spin used once light air. Main $1300 Spin. $1400 Gen. $1500 All plus shipping $3600 plus shipping for the set. Central Florida
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    Looking for Gently Used Blade
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    Looking for Gently Used Blade

    Quantum Blade one use. $900 plus shipping