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    Did anybody, even for curiosity, measured mast rake? I think I'll measure mine next weekend. I wish I could compare to others.
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    Hi, Can I use a shackle between the vang fitting and a pulley in my cunningham? Thanks.
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    The Laser class and ISAF

    Why should a pulley be class-legal?
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    The Laser class and ISAF

    “The proposed format change would reduce the number of competitors at World Cup events with entry by invitation only. In addition, the world championship title for all Olympic classes would be awarded to the winner of the World Cup series and would no longer be awarded at the ILCA championship...
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    New ISAF ILCA Plaque

    I don't care, I still want a brand new Laser.
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    Laser parts in Miami

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and going to Miami next september 28th. Where can I find Laser parts there? Thanks.
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    Tangled mainsheet

    Hi, How you avoid tangled mainsheet when tacking. I'm always have a bad time with my mainsheet lately. The mainsheet always get in my foot.
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    Laser Downwind - High Wind

    Try read this:
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    All about to kick off....

    I think the class will die anytime soon, lose the Olympic status and everybody will have top sail anythign else. I will.
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    All about to kick off....

    I think they may replace the Laser with something like the RS100, or Devoti One...All this bullshit will hurt the class 4 ever.
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    Boom front, rear end and mast step

    Plugs are out now. Put the new ones in is another history, they are so tight that I may need to put some WD40 and a rubber hammer to put them in. If I knew that would be a pain in the ass like that I would never mess with those ends.
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    Boom front, rear end and mast step

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and own Laser #163527. I'm trying to make her as new as I can and trying to change the plastic front end (at the gooseneck), rear end and the mast step end. I have already removed the rivet at the boom front end but the plastic part is stuck, any tips on how to remove...
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    ILCA, LaserPerformance and equipment changes

    "Also interesting that "the current Dacron sail is expected to drop in price to $450 from its current $650 once the new sail is available" I Really really doubt about it!!!
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    North x Hyde

    Hi, is there any real difference, beside the price, betwen North and Hyde standard sails?
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    ILCA, LaserPerformance and equipment changes

    So I'll put my order on hold until they aprove the new sail. I would buy a new one next week.