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    Looking for partnership (Woods Hole, MA)

    Hi, I'm looking for a partner to buy a used boat (J24, or something bigger 27-28) and split expenses and time on it. I would be open to any other suggestions. I've been living in Cape Cod for more than 5 years. I own an O'Day 20 footer since 2013, but I started thinking into something bigger...
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    Sailfish Sail

    Hi, I would bet that sailfish and sunfish mast-spars-sail have the same specs. Looking and goggling around it's said the sails both have 75 ft2 as sail area. But I've never compared one to one insitu. I can tell you I have a spar from a sunfish (as a replacement) and it has the same size as the...
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    Torn grommet hole

    Hi all, First of all, congrats for this forum!, it's really a great place. I have a nice sailfish, but I've just realized that one of the ring holes is broken (missing the metallic ring). See attached photo. I would like to ask to the forum what could be the best/easy/cheap way to repair this...