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    Replacing Hiking strap bungee on a Mod 2

    On my Mod 1, I cut off the old cord & bought a replacement at West. I tied each end to a 1/4" piece of all thread about 1.5 inches long and fed it through the grommet holes. The cord is short enough that its tension keeps the all thread tight against the inside of the boats side and the hiking...
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    Fixed Keel vs. Centerboard

    I have a opportunity to sell my '87 centerboard model and buy a '92 fixed keel model for a difference of about $500. Thoughts or opinions?
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Now for the motor....... I visited my local Honda dealer this afternoon after all the posts in this discussion thread. For 2007, the clutchless "feature" is gone from the 2 HP. It starts in neutral and you shift it into gear. Otherwise it is the same as the 2006 model. Quote for long shaft 2...
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    1987 Missing Hatch Cover

    Follow-up question on Mod 1 hatch I have researched making the hatch and have another question. Is there a "slide in" box that goes into the hatch opening or is it just open to the inside of the hull? I believe the hatch will greatly slow water flowing into the cuddy if I turn the boat over...
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    1987 Missing Hatch Cover

    Thanks, Dave. My hatch is missing altogether so I don't have a pattern with which to work. Yours is very nice. I looked at the Taco Marine site and their product should be available at West Marine here in Dallas. Thanks, Ray
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    1987 Missing Hatch Cover

    How does hatch secure to cuddy? Thanks, Steve. How does the hatch secure to the cuddy?
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    1987 Missing Hatch Cover

    I have a mod 1 missing the hatch cover. Can anyone describe or send pics of the hatch cover? I will try the local dealer next week, but am wondering about ideas for an "improved" cover as I am told this was a primary weakness of the mod 1.