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    For Sale: capri 14.2 parts

    I am seeking jib sail - self furling or standard... if you have either please call 974224 791
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    For Sale: C14 Sails - used

    I recently lost my jib in a little accident... My boat is older and has what I believe is referred to as "tequila sunrise" sails. The main (bottom to top) is blue, purple, green, yellow, orange and red. All rather deep in tone except the yellow which is more like "day-glow yellow". The jib...
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    Centerboard lift assembly

    I have a similar rigging in my cp14. My hardware is Harken and they are solid - not able to be taken apart, the sheef(wheel) is riveted between two stainless steel pieces. The Harken parts are expensive but only one of my cheek blocks has a fragmented "sheef" and they have seen alot of use... I...