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    Battery Discuss

    Is that why i'm not winning then?......cos i haven't put batteries in it
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    Gybing and that silly main sheet

    Guys..keep at it. The technique will come. I am a pretty average club sailor and used to curse the problem every week. A few years down the line and the sheet rarely gets caught anymore (and only on occasions when i'm not in control of the gybe) a well timed flick or pull on the sheet as you...
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    Any new news?

    Theyve got a big sale on 1st usual. so they must have some stuff to sell.
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    Expert bailer advice needed

    I'm with Jeffers on this. Start with the correct brass fitting.. ($27ish) If the hole is indeed too large, pack around the brass fitting...and maybe larger brass washers with silicon sealent either end.
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    Universal Fixing?

    You can also get UJ's with a rope core. A bit more expensive, but if it does let go the rope will let you finish the race.
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    Sailing by the lee - how to

    Which is fine if you have the room to do it :D
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    Sailing by the lee - how to

    ....and the little hawk wind indicator (if you have one) forward of the gooseneck, starts spinning like a crazy thing. :D
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    Olympic Games Laser Sailing

    I hate to keep on about the BBC coverage but I've just had a great afternoon watching the dedicated Sailing stream in HD. Intelligent live switching between Finn, Laser and 49's races with filling highlights from the Star and Radials. Commentry by olympic gold medalists. The stream is reviewable...
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    Olympic Games Laser Sailing

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    Are these damages bad?

    Looks fairly typical for a boat that old...Years of bumping into stuff. not much to worry about if the hull is dry. Turn the boat over. Take out all the old, damaged material from the joint between the hull and deck molding leaving a gap (Dremmel or similar rotary tool is good for this) Take out...
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    Original Laser Tiller Extension Length? (Circa 1982)

    Don't cut it......Long is good.
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    Which one, Harken vang or Holt vang?

    The issue is the length of the control line. The 15:1 is very easy to apply and, as a consequence of the additional turning points and distance between them, you have to pull more line through the cleat to get the same tension on the vang. This leaves a long line in the boat when you're going...
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    I'm 250 Lbs. Do I Need A Force 5 ?

    I've never sailed a force 5 so I can't comment about that, but I started out about that heavy...and its perfectly possible to sail and race a laser at club level as long as you're mobile and reasonably fit. For having fun on the beach you'll be fine. I was around that weight when this photo...
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    Cover Recommendation (in/from Uk)

    Best cover i've ever had is my current one from Suggit Sails. High quality and fits perfectly.
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    Maclaren Us Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    A quick search on the Companies House website states that Laser Performance Europe are "active". Ie not in recievership or administration etc. It also states that all accounts have been filed to date. A ten minute google search reviels no evidence of bankruptcy other than the contents of...