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    Lasering under new flag(s)

    During this pandemic, I find it necessary to solo sail quite a bit. We aren't allowed the usual public launch accesses and, while I do feel lonely out there at times, I have been rigging my boat to show new colors..... Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion...
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    Tie dinghy on dock?

    Yeah, some people leave them on the dock too long.....
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    Soft Shackle Clew Tie Down

    I love it! I accidentally did something legal!
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    Soft Shackle Clew Tie Down

    I don't know what a "soft shackle" is, but here's my humble arrangement. Doubt it's legal but I don't race. The porcelain "beadwork" glides really easy in either direction. (and yes, I've tighten it down toward the boom since this first trial photo was taken).
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    Self-isolation in clean air, salt water. Tomales Bay, CA; March 21

    Me too, Andy. Solo Lasering right now is an act of prayer.
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    Question for the greybeards

    Thanks, LaLi!
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    Question for the greybeards

    My 1980 Laser has a sticker that says "made in Ireland." Whoever built it did a hellava good job. Does anyone know WHERE in Ireland these Lasers might have been built? Just curious....
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    Laser Foil Details sought

    Here's what I did about 25 years ago. "Repurposed" a Hobie 16' rudder to fit into the stock Laser head. It's made the boat much more balanced and cut weather helm entirely. I don't race, but I do go fast with it.
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    Video: A Memorable Sail

    Nice. You guys got an early start, as evidenced by the SE wind in the beginning. And yup, doesn't the NW almost always fill in if you're patient? Two camera boats, too! And isn't Marconi nice to come and go from on a high tide like that?
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    Video: Another Day On The Bay

    Sweet, Andy. I was in the fog on the outer Point. I like getting the view of you guys in the sunlight!
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    Laser Camper

    Your project looks admirable. But here's how I have had many successful Laser camps. I put all the tent and gear in the big dry bag and strap that to the mast on the foredeck, with ties to make sure it won't shift while heeling or capsize. Water and maybe a bottle or two of wine in the...
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    Carbon tiller

    I get a kick out of the Titanium tiller. Says it will last for life, but comes with a 5 year warranty.....
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    Sticky Interior

    - and the black mast is.... what?
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    Main sheet length

    Totally true.... and thanks for reminding me. Although it's mostly unconscious, I know that I perform rope management. In every opportunity, my feet and hands are arranging the excess cordage in the cockpit so it doesn't cause a problem in the next move.