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    Downwind Practice turns

    Yes, Bill, I grab and pull the mainsheet right beneath the block on the boom. Just a quick jerk as she crosses. Sorry it is blocked and not so evident in my video. But it works like a charm!
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    Downwind Practice turns

    Hi, Laser Bill... I think the slight bearing away you see is me just making sure the boat is completely flat before the turn. Then, I guess my body must block it in the video, but every time I gybe I reach up and give that mainsheet a yank as I duck under it to avoid that deadly "catch on the...
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    GoPro Camera Mounts

    Here's what I did: bought this GoPro mount and it's been worth every penny. The clamps holds it on the Laser gunwale just fine, and the angle works for me: (sample video here)
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    Downwind Practice turns

    Since I don't race, I also don't sail DDW very often, unless it's the shortest course for the beach and end of the day. When I DO sail DDW, I definitely practice by the Lee and on the thin edge of a death roll. Mostly I love to work to weather and then enter my own imaginary slalom course...
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    Downwind Practice turns

    Hi, Ghost Rider. First, let me say a critical response is better than none! I actually believe that in my gybes the boom and sail are not really "slamming" in an uncontrolled fashion. It has taken me decades of practice in the Laser to (a) keep the boat absolutely flat, (b) make the tiller...
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    Downwind Practice turns

    It was a planned gybe, just not executed well. I should've backed off when I felt the boat wasn't flat-balanced halfway through it, but I tried to bull it through.
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    Downwind Practice turns

    - chilly day on Tomales bay, and a good time to work on keeping the boat moving through the gybes. (1981 Laser, 2006 sail - I have newer sails, but glad I used the beater this time as my last gybe of the day resulted in a complete turtle capsize and mast stuck in nasty mud!)
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    Mainsheet recommendations

    My Rooster mainsheet, combined with the "Ronstan/Frederickson" block, are the two best things I ever did for my Laser. Over fifteen years now, countless days, and not a hint of shred or wear on that sheet. Something sounds strange about that much wear, "Lasersailor."
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    Intensity "Square Head" sail

    I know racers and those who wish to stay class-legal probably aren't using them, but I have one. Been using it for a year now - mostly when it's not blowing 20 or more and like the shape and "feel" of more power. Any other sailors have feedback on this sail?
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    My Laser sailing herself into the new year. Cheers, all you wet boaters!

    My 1981 Irish-built Laser. sailed hard and put away wet all these years.
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    A Laser Day, nearly 18 years ago

    (I just ran across this old account of a pretty sporty day on Tomales Bay. Kind of long..... but I'm happy to report I still sail my Laser there. Maybe a bit more conservatively) Too Much Fun (almost) - TomalesBay, Northern California. February, 2000 Our little Laser-buddy group...
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    Early Laser days

    Geez, I had totally lost track of that thread and all the great experiences and photos from everyone. Thanks, Torrid. Too much salt water in the old brain....!
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    Early Laser days

    I'm about to take a three week vacation, and will be missing my Laser on Tomales Bay, CA. I just ran across this old memory from when I was pretty new in the boat (about 30 years ago, and I confess I'm still "learning.") Levels of Laser Sailing Level One: When it is just windy enough to...
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    Rebuilt Laser finally in water - Concerns about wear and tear

    Yes, that black line is just a marker tracing the shape of the "standard" rudder to show the difference. And when I first did this and brought up the idea of an improved rudder to the Laser Class, it started a veritable shitstorm, which got pretty interesting. (Fred Schroth might remember...