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    Video: Another Day On The Bay

    Sweet, Andy. I was in the fog on the outer Point. I like getting the view of you guys in the sunlight!
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    Laser Camper

    Your project looks admirable. But here's how I have had many successful Laser camps. I put all the tent and gear in the big dry bag and strap that to the mast on the foredeck, with ties to make sure it won't shift while heeling or capsize. Water and maybe a bottle or two of wine in the...
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    Carbon tiller

    I get a kick out of the Titanium tiller. Says it will last for life, but comes with a 5 year warranty.....
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    Sticky Interior

    - and the black mast is.... what?
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    Main sheet length

    Totally true.... and thanks for reminding me. Although it's mostly unconscious, I know that I perform rope management. In every opportunity, my feet and hands are arranging the excess cordage in the cockpit so it doesn't cause a problem in the next move.
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    Main sheet length

    I don't actually know how long my Rooster mainsheet is, except that it's way longer than I need (so far!) and I'd rather have more than less. And it's the most tangle-free line I've ever had in my cockpit.
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    Why won't my Laser point as high as other boats?

    Maybe it's just me, but when I couldn't point as high as my "Laser Guru" in big wind, I finally noticed he was really using only the back 1/2 of his sail. He let the the luff luff, and still had power to point and drive to weather without getting dumped to leeward and stalling. I adopted that...
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    Best way to leave a Laser at a dock?

    I often lay my boat down on shore, too. If you're going to leave it capsized in the water for any length of time, be certain your top section is absolutely watertight. Water that makes its way in there adds up to bad weight aloft.
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    Laser Mast Step Replacement - my experience

    Wow - great job! I'm afraid if it was me I'd just use that hammer inappropriately..... Kudos!
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    Water in mast

    Yes, that blade is from a Hobie 16. A bit of re-shaping at the top so it fits the Laser head. I know it's not legal, but man, I sail in usually heavy wind, and weather helm is a thing of the past.
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    Water in mast

    Well, up until now the boat has been named "Beastie," but I like "Wabi," too! Yes, that's my '78 FJ40. Now that is something I take care of. Bought it new in 1978, and then when I was picking out a Laser I spotted a blue & white one that matched the Land Cruiser.
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    Water in mast

    Yes, I apologize for any cringing this boat treatment might cause to careful boat owners. In my defense, I have to say I never treat my vehicles or other possessions so roughly, but this type of beach is about all I get for good sailing. (I had had two different dollies, but they are another...
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    Water in mast

    This works, too.
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    Daggerboard drag

    Maybe it's just me, but I haven't had this brake piece in my boat for many years. The bungee pressure has been sufficient to hold the board in whatever position is desired.
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    Statistics of committment

    I note that I am closing in on sailing my Laser 1,000 times. As of today, it's 950, and if my increasing desire to use it continues, I should hit the 1,000 mark by the beginning of next year. Since I bought the boat in 1982, I know those numbers don't boil down to a great many per week or...