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    Damaged Capri for free

    I bought a 1998 14.2 today without a boom or mainsail. If you decide to part yours out, I'd be interested in those parts. Thanks
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    Boom wanted

    Hi, I just bought a 1998 14.2 without a boom or mainsail. You still have yours? Thanks
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    this seems like a pretty good deal...

    I picked up a 1998 cp-k 14.2 Full keel on a nice galvanized trailer today. with roller furler for $250. Been stored inside for a few years. Tires good, but is missing the boom and mainsail. Do you still have your sails for sale? I can get a new retrofit boom from Catalina for $250, so if I can...
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    keel or center board

    That 14.2 full keel that you mentioned from Georgia a couple of years ago, well, I bought the same exact boat today. It found it's way to Indiana!!! I need a Boom & Main sail for it though. Anyone have one? Thanks