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    Recycled Sunfish Sail Bags-60.00 each

    These are handmade bags from ORIGINAL SUNFISH SAILS!!! Very slightly used and still in excellent condition. The Yellow and Black bag measures 22"x18" and is one sail thick. The Purple and Pink bag measures 22"x15" and is two sails thick. These were hand made by a friend for me. Price is 60.00...
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    Brass old style rudder carriage bolt(s) wanted

    I have an old style rudder for sale
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    Sunfish Racing Sail/Spars/Complete Booms and Mast

    OOPS! Added price! DROPPED PRICE!
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    Sunfish Racing Sail/Spars/Complete Booms and Mast

    Sunfish Racing Sail, used with two repairs, but in good condition. Upper and Lower booms as well with racing cleats on lower boom. Mast included in package as well, I have the cleat for the mast which I will include if wanted. Gooseneck has adjustable cam. Located in South Florida. All class...
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    Racing Block

    Thanks just what I needed
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    Racing Block

    My old block is shot. Need advice as to where and what model to get. Thanks. Damien
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    Midwinters 2012 Fort Myers, Florida

    NOR is posted at
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    Midwinters 2012 Fort Myers, Florida

    Edison Sailing Center is proud to host the 2012 US National Team Race Championship & the US Midwinter National Championship regatta for Sunfish, March 22-25, 2012. The Best Western Waterfront Hotel is offering a reduced rate of $119.99 +taxes per night. Registrants should call the hotel...
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    Old Style Rudder and Daggerboard

    I have the old style rudder only
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    Old Style Rudder and Daggerboard

    Both in pretty good condition. 125.00 each plus actual shipping or 225.00 for both.
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    Boom Repair

    But that's a mast cap....he broke his boom.
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    Edison Sailing Center Boat Sale/Yard Sale

    Edison Sailing Center is a non-profit youth community sailing center. This Saturday January 15th we will be having out First Annual Yard Sale. There will be small sailboats, kayaks, and some powerboats and trailers for sale as well as the usual yard sale items. The event will begin at 8am at...
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    Daggerboard Shock cord

    Thanks fellow mom, that's exactly what I was looking for!
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    Sunfish Regional Championship 2010 Florida

    Here is a link to a write up on the event.