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    sunfish t-shirt at J Crew
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    sunfish t-shirt at J Crew

    I will find out.
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    sunfish t-shirt at J Crew

    My wife got me this T shirt for my birthday yesterday:
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    New to Sailing/Boating - Looking for honest advice

    It depends on which resource you are more willing to part with - time or money. Sailboats and powerboats have different appetites.
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    Been seeing this for years on google image!

    It's natural state of buoyancy would be keel pointing at the sky.
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    sunfish t-shirt at J Crew

    Picked one up today. Thanks tag!
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    Crooked bow handle?

    Ya it's a bit off but who cares? Boat building is carpentry that allows for plenty of room for error. That Sunfish is awesome! An original without a sunburn!
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    Sunfish Tools...

    OMG I am dumb. My latitude is 44 degrees N. My longitude is 80 degrees W. Sorry. And I have the exact same Ryobi drill, I've had it for about 18 years, it's on it's 3rd or 4th set of batteries. It also has a sight bubble on the back end for drilling straight down.
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    Sunfish Tools...

    L&V: My apologies for leading you down a bumpy path. All of my hobbies require temps of at least 70 degrees F. My latitude is 80 degrees N, therefore 100% of my free time from October through April is spent on TV sports and Google. So there. Back to topic: Although a ball peen hammer cannot...
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    Sunfish Tools...

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    Sunfish Tools...

    I've spent the last 30 years fixing cars and have amassed quite a array of high quality tools. If I could keep only one it would be this:
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    Finished the woody!

    Wow. Sunfish is a new hobby for me, so I haven't seen them all. But that has to be the most beautiful specimen ever. It's likely sold by now, someone sure has a mobile piece of furniture to be proud of.
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    Sunfish dolly

    Seems impossible, especially with several layers of profit for the distribution. I paid $80.00 for a single 3/8" Mac ratchet 30 years ago. It's on it's 3rd or 4th set of gears and I use it almost every day. I expect that it will last my remaining days. Now to get closer to the topic at hand - I...
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    How much should hang off the trailer?

    I find that a Sunfish hull is fairly soft. I wouldn't use any type of bunks on a road trailer unless they are positioned right under the chines and the road was ultra smooth. It looks like Alan's trailers in the pics above would spread the load sufficiently with soft springs. Retrofitting...