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    EPYC JR SAILING LOOKING TO BUY LASERS Not near Boston, but we can work something out. May be able to deliver it!
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    Wanted Laser in New England

    Located in Florida, but we can work something out.
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    Wanted to buy laser I
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    Want Laser Radial or Full Newer than 2000 I Will Drive to Pick Up Great boat. Please look it over
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    WANTED!!!Laser Radial or 4.7 great if both will consider full rig

    Exactly at your pricepoint. Contact me
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    2 full rig lasers wanted wlis

    I have one available!
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    Wanted: 2010/2011 Laser

    Hello! I have a 2009 Laser with very little time on the water as I primarily sails multi-hulls The Hull is in pristine condition, no leaks, cracks or problems. The boat comes with: Two full rig top sections One full rig bottom section Two Sails: One practice sail, one (unopened, never used)...