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    Laser Performance No Longer Licensed, Kirby "Torch" is the New Laser

    Where can I get my Kirby Torch t-shirt? I want to be the first on my block.
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    Last 2012 Grand Prix Regatta

    LASER RACE WEEK Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa, Florida, November 24 - December 2, 2012 Thanksgiving Regatta – November 24-25 Entries may be made online at The entry fee is $55, and includes a regatta T-shirt, breakfast Saturday, and...
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    Masters MidWinters East Entries!

    Late fee kicks in this Wednesday. Get registered now!
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    Masters MidWinters East Entries!

    Lots of free housing available, both in houses and on boats.
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    Masters MidWinters East Entries!

    Got # 30 today, with 17 days of pre-registration remaining. Heading towards 100!
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    New standard sail

    Actually, for the Winter of 2009-2010, Newport averaged 25 participants per day, while CPYC averaged 32! I have just heard that the CPYC Fleet voted, by a margin of 50 to 3, to allow Intensity sails going forward. So, this is what the largest and most active Laser Fleet in the world is...
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    Masters MidWinters Registration Open

    Registration has opened for the Masters MidWinters East, to be held at sunny, warm, Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL, February 18-20 (only 10 weeks from now), as the culmination of Florida Masters Week. The regatta, for which we are hoping for 100 competitors, will feature a top regional...
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    New standard sail

    Re: New standard sail and knock-offs Now that the Cedar Point Laser Fleet, generally acknowledged as the largest and most active Laser Fleet in the world, has approved knock-off sails for their racing (Fall 2010 NOR), this issue of sail price and quality will likely accelerate. Personally I...
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    Free membership and a $200 annual check>>>

    I hear you, Fred. Well said. I finished reading Tracy's article shaking my head, thinking "I'm not convinced." The chain of distribution might have made sense in the previous century, but times have changed. Particularly in the current recession, people such as Laser sailors are watching...
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    I paid my dues today...

    Right said, Fred! Why is Fred not running US Sailing, never mind the Laser Class?!? EricLaser
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    Rig-swapping vs. separate Radial fleet

    ::bump:: This topic seems to be back in the spotlight, at least among the Masters Committee. There is discussion of taking (another) poll. Goal: To build participation in Masters events. Theory: More Masters would participate if there was a separate Radial fleet, and rig-swapping is...
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    Rule 69 in a club race

    Nobody except a Protest Committee can initiate a protest under rule 69. However, you can be protested under rule 2, Fair Sailing, as swearing can, and often should, be considered verbal intimidation to gain an unfair advantage. Obviously, you should have just said "Protest!" then zipped it...
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    best way to store a sail

    Why has nobody picked up on the basic problem with the original question? "I should have asked this before storing them away all winter ..........." The winter is the BEST time to sail Lasers! I knew this to be true long before I moved from CT to FL.
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    Accomodation offered for Master's NA's in Wrightsville

    Yeah, I'm interesting in sharing a room. Eric Robbins EricLaser (at) aol (dot) com
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    Olympic Trials Qualifier

    With the conclusion of the US Nationals, registration is now open for the Last Chance Laser/Radial Olympic Trials Qualifier at Cedar Point Yacht club in Westport, CT, on September 13-16. All USA citizens who are not already qualified, and who are US Sailing eligible, may enter. At least 7 men...