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    Laser 2(II) for sale

    Where are you located?
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    comments on practice sails from

    Could you please offer your thoughts on the quality of the"practice sails" sold by At $179, they seem like a steal, but I'm wondering what I'll get. I don't race, but I'd still like to have a sail that performs well and lasts for several years. I'd like to know what the...
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    Looking for used Laser sail(s)

    I am looking for used Laser sails. I've got a 1976 boat which had the original sail until last year when I finally blew it out. I would like to find a larger sail for lighter winds and a smaller sail for the days when it's blowin' like crazy and I'm hangin' on for dear life.
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    Wanted: Laser 2 hull and trailer

    I'm looking for a Laser 2 hull, trailer and mast. I've got everything else. Could you suggest what the value of the following items would be? Laser 2 multi-colored main and jib, boom, 2 dagger boards, rudder, extention tiller and carrying case.