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    I have been doing it wrong :'(

    Link to proper hiking technique:* *statement added by Merrily. Only a link is not enough for a post, but rather than delete it, I have added the text.
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    best till plus extension

    overall EDIT: sorry it was supposed to say tiller
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    Z1DD1667J88-sail # help

    how do you figure out the sail #? Thanks
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    2006 Laser for Sale

    never mind
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    2005 Laser Pro for sale

    super interested photos would be nice and a whole condion of the boat report
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    2006 Laser for Sale

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    WANTED- Full Rig Laser with all racing stuff

    would like a 2004 or newer, good shape for I will be racing it
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    1997 Laser Full Rig

    this been sold yet?
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    what do yall think

    How do I look In This Photo?
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    How to get money sailing

    btw I am a sailing instrutor now
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    deck fitting between hull and deck

    is falling apart letting water in help like the joint I mean
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    How to get money sailing

    yea ur rite
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    How to get money sailing

    ya I know what you mean I am sailing in bigger reggatta this summer and I am a sailing instructor
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    How to get money sailing

    I never said I was that was just something that came to mind when I signed up for this forums and yes Christchurch and what reggattas have I done. the biggest one would be orange bowl
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    How to get money sailing

    once again that photo was taken when I FIRST started to sail and if you really want to know Christchurch School