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    GXD downhaul

    Hi LooserLu Are you sure that u use HK 407 for both of them? Because if you use 2 407s there will be two tieing points and no line tu pull I tink.Are there anything that I miss or should we use 406 for thelower one which is tied to the vang. Im planning to upgrade my cunningham to that too...
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    harken boom sleeve/clew hook or clew strap

    Yes i noticed it and i was suprised i think it is used to spread the the force to a wider area rather than using two screws or so but I wonder the material of the clew strap
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    harken boom sleeve/clew hook or clew strap

    I tried both of them and I'm using the strap becasue i think the strap just works fine and smooth.If it gets older you can change it in a low price.But the metal one is stronger but looks a bit risky about being stuck(i mean you cant lloose or pull it anymore).If some extraordinary situation...
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    New Sailor Gybing and Tacking help.

    i find pulling the upper part of the mainsheet (i mean the part that goes to the boom after the ratchet block) in mid gybe easier an more effective than pulling it from the ratchet also it becomes easier to bear away after the gybe
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    sea water versus the pond

    Is there any differences on the force of centerboard because of the lake water??I mean is it harder to keep the boat flat in lake water or does the horizontal force of the wind drags the boat to leeward?? sorry for my english :S
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    age of my laser?

    hulls year 2008 and a hull produced in 08 shouldn'T have a sail number at 15..... now its at 19.....Your sail number is written on a sticker which is placed where the hiking strap is tied.If you dont hve the sticker(i have the same problem) i think the only way to learn the sail number is...
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    difference between american and english Laser Sails!

    I heard that aussie lower sections has low flexibilty so that they are more straight than the european lower sections and I think that having a straight mast in light wind conditions is an advantage Just heard dont know if its true
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    year of laser

    vanguard and performance sailcraft europe got together as laserperformance so they designed a new website and unfortunately there is no page including this information.And also I didn't get any reply to my mail.
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    year of laser

    You are right ,the financial books are archived for years in turkey too(altough sunsail is british they must keep them)But they are using the boats for just enjoying the guests in hotel so they don't need a sail number and I think they don't even cared about the sailnumber or know what it is.So...
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    year of laser

    The boat's former owner is the sunsail clubs.It means tahtthe hull was used in an hotel.But someone has taken it out of it it can't be stolen because our club bought 10+ boats from them and all of them has stickers.When I checked the hull numbers they are very close to each other for example...
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    year of laser

    I don't have the sticker because of that I am waiting for the reply of my e mail.
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    Hydrofoiling Laser

    I thought about this topic last year as a school project but we had financial problems.We were thinking to build our own sailboat with hydrofoils but unfortunately we couldn't.I think you must have a look at the moth dinghy with hydrofoils cause it is what you are talking about.As I understood...
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    year of laser

    I mailed to laser performance europe to learn my sail number ı sent the HIN I m waiting for them
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    year of laser

    so a any solution for mine :D
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    year of laser

    He told that these five characters shows the sail number