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    HELP! Wedding Attire

    First and formost, Its her day. If she says dress whites, wear them. It is the season for whites anyway. i would have all the grooms men wear the same though. Too many different unifroms would look weird. Just got done merring off son-inlaw this year and daughter-inlaw last year. It's all about...
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    Help with posting pics

    Thank you for the wonderfull post. I'll set this up and try it later tonight. You guys are great. Can't thank you all enough for all the help since buying my fish. Photos to come.
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    Help with posting pics

    I can operate a sailboat but not a computer. I can't seem to figure out how to post pictures with my replies. Any help in easy to understand language would really be wounderfull. Thanks
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    Slow going

    Don't know where you are, but it rained here in east Tennessee also. Spent all morning cutting grass and was looking forward to a little sail to cool off. Got the boat out, put the mower away, it started to rain. Said a few bad words about the local weather guessers and put the boat back in the...
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    comments on new trailer

    Bought a trailer today. Don't know much about prices so thought I'd ask everyone. Paid $400 for a brand new Husler pwc trailer. Found a marina that sold a pwc and the buyer didn't want the trailer. Read all the threads on the forum so new what to look for. Bunks and front support are totaly...
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    A few Questions

    I'm with Webfoot. I want the ports. Better inspection and drying. Don't know about this but what about, after installing for and aft ports proping boat so one end is higher and flushing hull with water. Flowing water should move sand to lowest point where it could be vaccumed out after it drys...
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    Water in my mast

    spray foam doesn't always fill in all the gaps. I'd hate to put it in my mast then have another leak develope and have to dig all that stuff out if water got traped between the foam plugs. I'm still thinking resealing the caps is the best way to go.
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    Water in my mast

    I agree that resealing is the best bet. Thought being that drain is short term fix. Was the fastest way I thought of to get the water out of the mast without taking the boat out of commission. Had to fix dads power boat this weekend and work on the sail club dock next. Sometimes life gets in the...
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    bad kharma? (name change on sailboat)

    Do you really want to chance it? I did a name change ceromony on my big boat and It's not even done being overhauled or even gotten wet snce I've owned it.
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    can these cracks be fixed?

    I bought a 74 for $250 an sailed it the day I bought it. Anything is fixable if you have the ability and the time. $300 for a boat that is going to require alot of work sound like a lot to me. I'd be patient and look for one that you can sail right away and not you have to work on till next spring.
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    returning to sailing

    By the sounds of it you really nead one with a trailer. Right now I'm using my full size van for tranport. Works but is a bit hard to get the boat back in after sailing. Another thought, you will flip your boat. It's not hard to do but make sure you can right the boat after capsizing. Mabey see...
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    Water in my mast

    I was going to ask that but looked in the hole for the mast and realized that myself. I'm glad someone posted this so other people know. Took all day for the water to trickle out but worked well.
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    Water in my mast

    Sounds like an easy enough fix. Screw in the bottom should get the water out so I can use it this weekend the repair it proper this week. Thanks for the quick response. Keep you updated.
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    Water in my mast

    Took my new (1974) boat out a couple weekends ago. Had a blast and everything worked great. When I got it home and put it in the garage to clean it up, I noticed that the mast had water in it. I read in another thread about a draining mast. Is this an option or do I need to replace the caps...
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    Another new fish owner

    Hello to every one out there. Just brought home my 'new' 1974 sunfish. Got it for something to sail while working on the big boat. Would take it out today but the last owner had rigged the boat with that cheap plastic junk you get at walmart. Binds up so bad in the blocks i can't even hoist the...