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    Cosmetic or Structural Issue

    It looks like you have a mod 2 which means you've probably never climbed inside the cuddy and taken a peak at how everything is supported on the inside. There are lengths of plywood directly inside the cuddy in that area from the hull to deck and the same down the entire length of the bench...
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    Cosmetic or Structural Issue

    That looks like it's on the verge of catastrophic failure ... I'll buy the entire boat off you for $300 to save you from witnessing such a thing. :D
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    Skeg for 14.2

    Are you keeping the boat rather flatish for the most part when you sail? The 14.2 has a rather short rudder for it's size, and you'll start to lose steerage pretty fast at extreme angles of heel.
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    Need a trailer!

    Any old boat trailer for a ~14' boat will do. As with any boat, you may need to move the bunks around to get good fit. Here are a few on CL in the Tampa bay area:
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    First Sail in my 1987

    Can you elaborate on which part of the hatch you had to trim? It looks like maybe a little off the top and some off of the bottom corners?
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    Hatch cover

    Just picked that same model up from Tuppens Marine and Tackle I've had my C14 now for a month and a half now and have yet to sail her due to the lack of a hatch. Having a 12' Butterfly / 16' MC Scow in the driveway and a fleet full of Flying Scots...
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    1986 Capri 14.2 For Sale

    Could have sworn I saw this on Craig's List in MN earlier in the month.
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    climbing back into the boat from the water

    Do tell. Is this the fancy head option for the Capri 14.2 that I can't seem to find on Catalina Direct? :D
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    1992 Mod 2 - Rub Rail Replacement/ Topping Lift

    You could always throw a cheap boomkicker on it?
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    Traveler idea from a Rhodes 19

    That's what I thought! :p
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    Traveler idea from a Rhodes 19

    I was just trolling Sailing Anarchy and came across this traveler configuration for a Rhodes 19: Maybe a setup like this would work better on a Capri 14.2 than the...
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    Hatch cover

    Never mind .... doesn't look like that one fits, and neither do any of the common sizes made by Bowmar, etc. What have other people with mod 1's done to better seal the cuddy? In my case, a weathered plywood hatch with a few screws holding it on was all that sealed the cuddy.
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    Hatch cover

    Does anyone know if the hatch cover on will fit the opening on a mod 1?
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    Evaluating my 14.2

    Do you have a picture of the slat style decking up close? You've piqued my interest in a potential mod. :D
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    inspection port for capri/omega

    FYI ... you'll be drilling through fiberglass and 3/8" plywood in that area if you didn't already know.