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    Adding a "Topping Lift" to my old CL16 Sailboat

    Newbie sailor needs help here... I recently purchased an older model CL16 sailboat (from the mid 1980s). Because I have the boat moored at a dock next to other boats, I can't raise the sail at the dock, and need to use a small trolling motor to troll away from the dock and then wrestle with the...
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    Need help Finding a Trolling Motor Mount for my old CL16 Sailboat

    I need help finding a compatible motor mount for an older (1983) CL16 Sailboat by CL Boatworks. I have tried repeatedly to contact someone at C&L Boatworks, but they appear to no longer be operational. I once got one reply, but no more responses despite multiple Emails and Facebook posts to...
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    Sailboat Recommendation for a Smallish Lake in the Berkshires of Mass

    Hey there.. I’m new here and this is my first post. I hope to get some advice on purchasing a sailboat. Here is the info: We live on a condo on a smallish lake in the Berkshires of Mass (its about 500 Acres). We have access to a dock, so it will be hitched to the dock and floating during the...