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    Looking to buy used laser 2003 or newer (Mid-Atlantic region)

    Hey! I'm looking to buy a Used Laser Standard Rig! I live in Southern NJ and am hoping to buy one sooner rather than later so that I could use it this summer! It would be great also if the seller has a trailer to go along with the Laser but not mandatory! Sails and blades need to be in good...
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    2004-2005 Laser #182772

    please email me at
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    2004-2005 Laser #182772

    do you have a trailer for it that you would sell?
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    2002 Laser #173700 $3700 (Philadelphia, PA)

    Is this still available for purchase? I live about 20 minutes outside of Philly in NJ please email me at with more information! thanks!