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    To Furl or Not to Furl

    The correct name for the guide is a "fairlead". I added a bullseye fairlead and screwed it to the center of the bow. They are designed for minor direction changes in a line. I actually saw it installed on a Capri in the show room in Austin. It cost about $3 and will add life to the line as...
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    To Furl or Not to Furl

    Does Harken also include the swivel? Plus, you may want to consider adding a guide within a few inches of the drum. It will work alot smoother. Also make sure you have a cleat on the mast to secure the furling line. I have not sailed enough to speak about the performance. Ed
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    Keeping Your Cuddy Dry

    Do you have a cuddy? With as much water as I have recently experienced when I turtled by boat, I am going to keep everything sealed the best I can. If you have a cuddy, I would suggest storing them in the cuddy and making a hatch to fit over the cuddy and adding a lock. If you do not have a...
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    Sealing hull and mast

    It appears the proven method of not turtling is to add either the Capri mast float or a Hobie Baby Bob. Were you able to see the problem from outside or did you have to get into the cuddy. And how will you get to the area to seal it? Ed
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    Harken List

    The Free C14 handbook which you can access by clicking the link above has a list of parts to help you. Plus every one on this forum will assist you with pictures if needed. Check the classified secton of this forum as you periodically can find parts for sale. If you look over the past 2-3...
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    Wanted Kick Up Rudder

    Thanks, I may take you up on it, but am hoping I find a one for a good price before I start to make one.
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    Tipping Over and Taking In Water

    If you have already decided to add a mast float, in my opinion there are at least three considerations: 1) The float must be functional (You can purchase a known product, or experiment with other type of floats, 2) The float should have minimum wind resistance (the Hobie BabyBob meets this...
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    Wanted Kick Up Rudder

    Need kick-up rudder for a Capri 14.2 This is a new thread. The Matt was successful in getting a rudder. I still need a rudder, so I started a new thread. The rudder is 38" from top to bottom. Widest part is 10". Lower pintel is up 26 1/4" from the bottom of the rudder and the second...
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    cracks at mast bracket

    Roger, Where can I read about the design of the mast as well as the rest of the Capri design? Ed
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    cracks at mast bracket

    Jim, Good response ... I like the details you included. Can tell you have been there. Ed
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    Wanted: Buying a used C14.2

    The picture looks nice. New parts are expensive. Unless you can get all the rigging and all the parts I would not pay much. Best to get an estimate on parts needed before making any deal. I bought mine is great condition on E-bay for $1500 complete with trailer. I have seen some pretty good...
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    Pictures - Floatation and the Inside

    Just figured out how to properly post pictures. What you see is a preview. To see better pictures..without writing you need to log in and click on control panel, then manuver to the left tool bar and click to open the proper album. Once in the album, click on the picture. I have one picture...
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    Cutty Cabin of a Mod I

    Now that I have had a chance to look at the bulk head, I believe the design used on my Capri does provide a small amount of sturtual support. However, I believe the main reason for the bulkhead on the sides is providing a means to keep the floatation equalized. Without the bulkhead, the floats...
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    I would like to hear from WindJunkie who posted he has a few rudders laying in his shop. I would rather not make a rudder if I can get one for a reasonable price. I also found another contact who I waiting to hear from Ed
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    Kick Up Rudder Dimensions Top to bottom 40" ... widest part is 10". Lower pintel is up 26 1/4" from the bottom of the rudder and the second pintel is another 7 1/2" up from that. The above dimensions were sent to me. My rudder is still under 80 feet of water Ed