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    Weather Helm

    Newbie here. When you say depower the rig is that accomplished by letting the sail out until it luffs or turning more into the no-go zone?:confused: Thanks, Ed
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    Down-Ratcheting Web Straps

    Does anyone have any experience with the Harken Hoister? If so, how do you like it? Is it easy to use and install? I was looking at these online and I am considering one for the winter lay up. Thanks, Edward
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    Rolled edge design sunfish, differences of old

    Wayne, His sailing school is a small one-man opperation and he has about 6 or 7 sunfish, so to be honest I only saw 2 of them. Being that his class is a 2 day weekend class for $150 and nothing but novices use the boats I don't see him getting them fixed, as he only teaches on the weekends and...
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    Rolled edge design sunfish, differences of old

    I have the new hull design (1996 hull I believe), and the school where I took my sailing lessons had the old hull design. I didn't notice any difference in the stiffness in the boat, but the one big difference I did notice is that the old hull leaks water into the hull around the metal edge...
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    6 mph wind

    To me 6 knots of wind is a perfect day for sitting in the cockpit with your legs hanging over the side and gently floating along. Although not as exilerating as 12-15knots its an enjoyable experience in itself. No need to worry about capsizing so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery. At low...
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    sailing video with 2 of my sons

    Tag, Excellent mounting system you developed for your video camera. You have given me some great ideas as I am in the process of shopping around for a video camera myself. Thanks, Edward
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    sailing video with 2 of my sons

    Tag, Awesome video! That is great that you are able to make the water activities a family event. I am looking forward to the day I have the confidence to take my 2 kids out on the sunfish. (one at a time!):D Is Lake Michigan your normal sailing area or were you all on vacation? I would love...
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    Excited New Sunfish Sailer!!

    To Edward Teach, Glad to have some other newbies on here with me. What got you into sailing and did you take lessons to start with or did you just learn via trial and error (as I have been doing). Ike, I did take a basic two day class on small boat sailing, and as it turns out the class used...
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    Humming Noise

    Matias and Wave, Thanks for your input. I was out sailing again today in much less wind (probabaly in 5-s 7kt range) and heard the hum again. I was wondering if it might have been my dagger board retainer cord. I think you are right in that it has to do with the daggerboard. I have the new...
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    Humming Noise

    I was sailing close hualed in about 10-13 knots of wind and hiked over the gunnel pretty well keeping the boat on a flat plane and I noticed what sounded like a humming noise. It seems like at the time of the humming the boat was sailing at its peak performance, and this was the only time I...
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    Racing Sail ?

    Hoosier, I don't have an answer to question, but what I don't understand is why only one manufacturer can make class legal parts. I get the idea that it maintains value of the boat, but it seems that the value wouldn't diminsh if they allow multiple manufactures to produce parts if they are...
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    Excited New Sunfish Sailer!!

    Ike, Welcome to the club! I am new to sailing and this is my first season and boat as well. What a blast it has been so far!:D I just wish I was smart enough to get into it at your age instead of waiting until my 40's. This forum is probably one of the best resources for the sunfish, and...
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    Tiller and daggerboard questions

    Are the wood tillers still being made? I couldn't find the wood tillers at Sunfish direct or APS. Also what legth should the tiller be? As for the daggerboard I use a bungee with the brummel hooks, and thread it through the bow handle and around the mast then through the foward hole on the...
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    Boom Vang

    Can someone tell me what a vang is used for? Do you use the exrta halyard line to tie the vang to the mast and boom? Thanks Ed
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    Total Sunfish beginner.

    Welcome aboard! Glad to hear you had an exciting first time out on you fish, it easy to get hooked. I to am a novice being that this is my first season with my sunfish, and I have found that just going out and experimenting has worked best with me and then asking questions about my experiences...