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    Gluing a foam block

    The brown Gorilla glue expands and cures with moisture. The normal moisture in a sunfish hull is more than enough to make it foam before curing, The nice thing about it is that you wipe it on thin and it can be positioned for a few minutes before it foams and cures. some of the clear gorilla...
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    Gluing a foam block

    I would use the Gorilla brand polyurethane glue that looks like pancake syrup. It sticks well to plastics and fiberglass, foams slightly when curing to fill gaps and is slightly flexible after curing. the foamed parts have a thin water proof skin when dry, as long as you don't cut into it.
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    Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

    To fill the holes and re-drill, you can put baking soda in the hole and wet the baking soda with thin super glue. I will catalyze into a super hard plastic that can be drilled. Adding thickness to the area is easiest with carbon uni-web strips. The most common uni-web comes in .007 thick strips...
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    There has been one on craigslist for about a year. It's not mine. Alcort Mini Fish - sunfish sailboat
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    New race sail numbers

    I buy them from Intensity in RI.
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    New Sunfish

    isn't the Aquafinn importer from Fla?
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    New Intensity Sail

    The longer 2 rear ties are because the luff of the Intensity sail is really tight when new and will have a reverse curl when tight. It actually looks like a rear spoiler from a 1970's Camero.
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    New Intensity Sail

    One tip with the Intensity sail is new is to use para-cord ties on the rear 2 rings of the boom and make each around 1/4" longer than the next. So the last 0ne at the outhaul has 1/2" slack more than the 3rd.
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    Anyone seen one of these up close?

    I think I might have the found a better sailing "cheap bastard" combo to compete with the Sunfish setup. I'm now sailing a Zuma hull with a full Laser rig. I'm still keeping the Sunfish for OD races though.
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    Trouble Tacking

    All the info is on youtube, it's just listed under Laser sailing tips in most of what you're looking for. As for the tack VS gybe issue, my personal opinion is that it's better to gybe when sailing in 5~9 mph wind for exactly the reason you mentioned in your first post. A gybe is powered all...
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    Sunfish ID help

    Leave Frackville as soon as possible, I had the worst two days of my life there. Our car had the gas tank punctured by a bad road. Where was no taxi cabs listed in the phone book, even though there were at least nine taxidermist. When I asked the locals why it was so quiet there, they said it...
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    heavy weight hiking

    My return to the dock is a fast downwind leg 90% of the time. the trick is to lift the dagger-board to 1/2 height and carve an aggressive 25' diameter circle ending with the bow facing up-wind bumping the dock at 1 mph. You will not capsize with the board 1/2 up.
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    Repairing a crack in the mast step

    Another tip I found when I did this on my Sunfish was to use a 1" wide artist paint brush to wet the inside of the mast hole. I also used a desk lamp with a flexible neck to shine down into the hole. I used a can of brake cleaner followed by acetone and then a very light sanding with sandpaper...
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    I sail in 68~70 degree temps with a 20 mph breeze regularly and I hate the cold. The secret is a cheap shorty wetsuit. I bought mine at a local sporting goods store at their end of the season sale, but there is an online place that has stuff cheap year round. I bought all my surfing wetsuits...
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    installing racing cleats on boom

    I used some plastic mini clam cleats I bought at West marine for $7.00. They worked well except for having to trim the flange on one of the pop-rivets a little. I believe they were Ronstan Fairlead V mini cleats.