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    Full rig, upper and lower with boom. Want to sell as package but might break up package. call Jim 1-321-514-9197
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    2 Sunfish F/S

    1997 Race equipped Sunfish with Cover and dollie, good condition $1,800. 1993 Race equipped Sunfish with cover and new North race sail $1,600. 2 boat trailer good shape $450. $3,650. for the whole package call 954-328-1066 for more information.
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    Fleet reduction

    2003 Sunfish race equipped, harken block, boat cover, sail cover, dollie, white with blue stripe down deck, good condition. $2,100. 1997 Sunfish race equipped, harken block, boat cover, sail cover, dollie, white with off white deck, good condition $1,900 1993 Sunfish race equipped, harken...
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    standard rig spars

    Standard rig mast and boom, blue fittings. Straight and in good condition. call Jim @ 1-954-328-1066
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    2 sunfish & double trailer for sale

    We have 4 Sunfish are are going to sell 2 of them. 3 of them are race rigged and ready, the 4th. is a recreational rigged boat. We also have a double trailer which is in good condition with a rig storage box. Boats are Rec-1992, Race 1993, 1997, 2003. Also 2 good dollies. Can mix and match or...
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    Laser Parts

    I have a set of standard spars with boom.
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    Sunfish World Championship

    I have been to the website and can't find results from the first day. Is there another link I am missing?
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    Its time for a new life jacket!

    If for some reason you get stopped by the Coast Guard or possible other law enforcement officers and your floation devise isn't CG approved you will get a ticket for not having an approved life jacket aboard. Chambers, can you quote the Florida law that requires you to wear a life jacket ?
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    Everything but the hull for sale

    The spars are still available, everything else is sold.
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    Everything but the hull for sale

    I will try to get a picture of the sail later today.
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    Everything but the hull for sale

    I have the following for sale, all in good shape Upper spar full rig lower spar full rig Boom Plastic daggerboard Rudder, tiller and hiking stick original Sail, very good shape but has a few stains Best offer on all or part out. can deliver local area call Jim 954-328-1066
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    Problems with the Trailex SUT-200-S

    One of the best thinks you can do if you are doing any trailing is to have your tires balanced. Most people don't do this and it really makes a difference. Most of the wheels and tires are not truely round and will cause the trailer to bounce down the road.
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    Daggerboard refurb.

    I don't know about the retention clip but I can tell you that it will probably take at least 5 coats of varnish to get a really smooth finish,
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    Main sheet block

    I think the 3" Harken ratchet blocks works great. I have a smaller ratchet on one of my fish and it doesn't work as well. I have heard that one of the new Ronstan ratchet blocks works very well also.
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    International Masters Day 1 Results

    Any results from day 2 ?