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    Center Board & Bungy Cord

    Centerboard crack I haven't seen this problem before, and it's hard to diagnose it without seeing it. If it's a relatively new board, Catalina will probably sell you a replacement wholesale. (A huge savings, about one-third the cost.) Or you can try to fill the crack with epoxy glue. As for...
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    Looking to Race

    Racing on Mission Bay I'd suggest you go by MBYC and post a "wanted ad" on the bulletin board. (And check if there any for sale as well.) Some boats are race-ready, some aren't, but the tuning process is easy, and any of us in the fleet like myself or Tom Laube can help you do that. An old...
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    Pointing Higher

    Steve - I'd need to look at your boat and see how is set up. But a couple of tips: Make sure the traveler is set up (see the handbook) so the boom is close to the centerline of the boat. Don't oversheet the main - the telltale on the top batten should flow at least part of the time. And...
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    Newbee question regarding Leech telltale on main

    Mainsail telltales It sounds like you have an overabundance of telltales. Most racers use only only a single telltale on the main, attaching it to the very edge of the leech at the upper batten. If it's hanging down continually, it means you are oversheeted. But don't fall into the trap of...
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    Need Stem head fitting for 14.2

    Stem head I'd suggest you contact Catalina at 818-884-7700 and ask for Parts. You might also ask them for some advice on installing the new one.
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    Mooring in Mexico

    I know what you mean about rolling at anchor. One way to control this would be to hang a weighted object off each side, maybe from the jib cleats. But it should be objects that have a lot of drag. Something like buckets full of water, with weights attached to them. Some commercial fishermen use...
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    Survival sailing

    Mid-winter is here, but that doesn't stop a lot of people from dinghy sailing. When one new fleet was forming in the Seattle area, they held a sail-off to decide which boat would be used. The sail-off was held in horrible weather in January, with gusts of 15-20 knots. They all wore wet suits...
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    mooring the Capri

    Bow ring A bow ring is a factory option. So some C-14.2s have them, others don't. I agree it would be a stronger place to attach an anchor line, but not as easy to reach from on deck. I also agree you could add one if your boat has an open cuddy. Just be sure to caulk it real well.
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    mooring the Capri

    Mooring The bow plate is plenty strong for anchoring. Your main concern will be the right ground tackle. I'd suggest you do a Google search on anchoring techniques. Briefly, use a nylon line, not dacron, because nylon stretches, and will "give" in wave surges. The bottom ten feet or so between...
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    mounting a whisker pole

    Whisker pole I agree with Richard. I've seen all kinds of ways to store poles, but the experienced racers usually come back to the basic, and ultimately, best way, and that's to simply toss it on the floor. Remember the old Russian expression, "Better is the enemy of good enough." When you...
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    Catalina Yachts Phone Number

    Catalina Yachts I just tried 818-884-7700 and reached Cat. Yachts no problem. Perhaps there was a problem with the line when you tried it.
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    Catamaran rigging parts.

    Need parts I suggest you call Catalina Yachts and buy the parts you need from them. Call them at 818-884-7700 and ask for Parts.
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    Capri 14.2 Decals

    Decals Actually the decals were changed (drastically) sometime in the early 90's. if you were to order a set now they wouldn't match your Mod 1.
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    Furling Jib

    I no longer use a furling jib, because I'm usually racing, but I had one on a previous Capri 14.2. My experience with the furler was positive. It was easy to use, and nice to be able to furl it partway when desired. Of course you do want to remove the jib hanks. Catalina sells a jib especially...
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    Helo from Singapore! :)

    Singapore sailor Hello, Singapore sailor. Please tell us about sailing in Singapore. It sounds very interesting. Do you have a sailboat of your own? Or do you belong to a sailing club?