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    This is hilarious...
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    Laser Olympic TV Coverage link

    Enjoy - from the Irish RTE channel:
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    Is Laser Performance Europe going bust?

    I have heard lots of rumours about Laser Performance Europe being, or going, bust. Their website shop looks like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard and the whole place does not look lived in. I dropped them an email 2 or 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. Are these the same guys that ILCA...
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    Drugs and sailing.

    Some fleets have dropped Rule 42 propulsion restrictions in certain conditions. I think the national class associations should consider removing the current restrictions on drug use. The larger international competitions could then band the fleet into drug type, with, for example, the heroin...
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    I've turned to the dark side

    Jackson - no worries here. From where I sit you were a borderline tosser anyway. Best of British in your new boat. Chips
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    Upwind - when to tack

    OK chaps thanks for all this - something to try this weekend! Sometimes I think we spend too much time talking about the latest gadget and not enough about what actually wins races - tactics!
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    Upwind - when to tack

    I wonder often this holds true - port tack in a gust? I can certainly remember times when I have been headed on port tack in a gust although you often might feel a lift due to the apparent wind moving aft.
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    Upwind - when to tack

    Rob - all really clear less your comment about persistent shifts. I assume you meant keep on the header if you thought that the shift was going to be persistent? Thanks, Peter
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    Upwind - when to tack

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    Upwind - when to tack

    Just sailed at my local club in very shift conditions and got badly beaten. I always like to do a post-mortem after I sail. My conclusion was that I was tacking almost every time I got headed on the wind BUT I was tacking before the wind oscillated past its mean/median/average position. ie I...