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    1978 hull # 1507 for sale. $3,800

    Still available?
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    1978 J24 For Sale

    Hi, Is it still available? fjminlos at iCloud dot com
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    Laser Parts for Sale

    Can you send me pictures of the carbon tiller extension and daggerboard. Very interested. Fred
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    Apple Watch Questions

    Any experiences with the Apple Watch? Some cool sailing apps., anybody using it for training?
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    Want to buy a 1986 Laser

    750 with a trailer and both radial and standard rigs
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    Want to buy a 1986 Laser

    It was built in Ontario. I see 2 problems: The mast hole does not hold water and the deck on one side is soft (core delamination) . will like to buy it anyway because the price is good. I need advice as to what is the best way to repair both issues. Thanks in advance, Fred
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    Want to buy a 1986 Laser

    Hi , I am thinking of buying a 1985 Laser built in Ontario
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    Laser 1993 Chicago

    Do you still have it for sale?