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    Rooster proposed hiking strep adjustment

    Did you already see the Rooster proposed hiking strap adjustment? Any comments? Best, Duncan
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    difficulty in spotting approaching gusts

    Thank you both. In the video I do not see anything that indicates the gust. Do you?
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    difficulty in spotting approaching gusts

    I have difficulty in seeing gusts approach and anticipating on them. I just see waves... What are the telltale signs? Dark spots? For instance in this video: Can you tell me how the sailor can see a gust is approaching the boat? Best, Duncan
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    2017 Class Rule changes:

    So when will it be clear if the new rules are accepted or rejected?
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    MK2 Standard sail - Class Legal, Class Compliant or Training Sail

    Hmm. Interesting. It appears both non-legal sails have the proper insignias and are LaserPerformance products, par the symbol in the upper right corner of the page!
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    Harken stand up boot:use and installation

    I bought a Harken 369 stand up boot to replace the stand up spring for the main sheet block. Installing it seems very challenging. I found a video from APS, but this boot is very small indeed (although the recommended size by Harken. Anyone experience in using a boot instead of a spring, and...
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    Harken spring cup?

    A couple of days ago I noticed that Harken used to make a 'spring cup' : a plastic washer with an edge that helps to seat the spring to keep the mainsheet ratchet block upright. Now it is apparently discontinued. Did anyone of you use such a spring cup? Best, Duncan
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    how critical are screw sizes (length)

    Thanks LaLi and Bungo Pete! Will do.
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    how critical are screw sizes (length)

    Thank you for responding. I was under the umpression that the wooden supports are attached with a layer of glass fibre and that an overly long screw could penetrate this inner layer.
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    how critical are screw sizes (length)

    I was looking at replacing some of the hardware and simultaneously replacing the mounting hardware. I have downloaded the official Laser parts diagrams. Now all screw sizes are imperial, and I have to find the nearest metric size. Apparantly size 10 is 4.8mm. But 5/8" = 16mm is not a normal...
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    Call me thick but why does the hull sing?

    I thought it was the centerboard's way of saying "Please raise me a little bit":)
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    Is injecting foam in mast & boom for buoyancy a good idea?

    Did you release the vang? Sheet not cleated?
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    silly question: wax on deck and cockpit area?

    Maybe a silly question, but do you put wax on the deck and the cockpit area, or will this make these too slippery? Best, Duncan
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    Flipping upper mast

    Thank you both for your feedback. We actually have stores like these here too. They sell Chinese tools under their own brand name. I asked at the store, but the staff told me that although it has the capacity to handle large rivets, it can not handle the loads for stainless rivets. Maybe they...
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    Flipping upper mast

    I found out that you need quite a serious riveting tool to set stainless rivets of the size required for the boom hardware. The price of the tool (European leading brand Gesipa) is about the price of a new boom :(