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    Hull Renewal

    The flexing I would surmise looks like someone dropped this poor hull off a truck, spider cracks are everywhere, and not little ones. My older boat takes on water and it has just a few spider crack less than 4 inches long. I would skip the day rubbing and waxing because even with 5X the effort...
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    Advice on Laser II

    I would agree, if anything the Laser I has been adament about standing still in most regards even the rigging changes just give you more purchase, which takes away any advantage soemone with strong arms has in flattening the sail. If anything the Laser II is more lax since it would be difficult...
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    Advice on Laser II

    I noticed that there are currently 3 Laser II's listed in the for sale ads, and I have been negotiating on one of them. Just wondering if there are folks out there who have experience with the II who can answer a few questions. Why did the class not succeed? Are they not as fast as comparable...
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    1982 Laser II For Sale

    I am very interested, I will send you a Private message with my email address.
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    Why Have an Association? philosophical discussion??

    Some tend towards sarcasm on their posts so I was just checking... I must have said something clearly because Further discussion has certainly been curtailed. Of course down in Texas this weekend is the Easter Regatta, so maybe everyone who cares is tied up down their. Hope they are having...
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    Why Have an Association? philosophical discussion??

    Back in the day the Class association did send bumper stickers, and stickers indicating membership to be affixed to the back of the boat. When I rejoined after a mnay year hiatus, I expected some semblance of that in order to get my son interested in the "class" aspect of the boat. (Kids love...
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    Radial Sail

    Very interested,
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    1980's Laser Hull

    Hull Number?
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    Thinking about buying a Laser

    I live near Akron and sail smaller lakes than either Ladue or Pymatuning all the time on my laser, in fact my son (12) learned to sail so well I have 2 because the laser is not really good for daysailing and carrying anyone bigger than 100lbs as cargo is difficult. (that is my daughter (10) on...
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    Laser as SUV

    Wow that brings me back, I lived in Dillon Beach from 77-80 even though no landmarks in your video per se I recognize that fog..... I sailed Tomales Bay a few times but didn't have a laser then. Lots of realy nice un specified beaches in that area!
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    New sail design - Keep the Dream Alive!

    In any case, I think I need to be convinced that we aren't looking at a solution in need of a problem... Maybe we should run a poll to see just how many sails TLF members purchase every year? I just left a post under the sailing section regarding sails for junior sailors, as a parent...
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    There is an intentional vent just below your main sheet cleat, tape that when you test your hull but uncover for normal use or you could burst your hull with sunshine.... Also watch the pressure others have warned about excessive pressure making your problems worse. A hand pum for inflatables...
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    Get rid of old gear and help the class

    The fair price is the key, might I suggest that one should consider selling used class legal gear, for around the price of "club" gear available from Rooster and Intensity and others. As one who has spent quite a bit to rehab one 80 laser and keep an 81 laser afloat, it would be nice to have...
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    Forum Manners

    That looks pretty clear to me and in reading dr losers rant he crossed this line several times and in "arguing" with the admin he was begging for enforcement. He violated the rules and I don't believe his membership was revoked he just was admonished and told to stop with his rant. I think the...