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    1985 Capri 14.2 for sale

    Sold This boat has been sold
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    1985 Capri 14.2 for sale

    Yes - For Sale Boat is still for sale. I know there has been a lot of interest, looking for a clean easy deal. Boat is in Boise
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    1985 Capri 14.2 for sale

    Will Sell I will sell the boat. Best offer of $ 1,000 or more.
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    1985 Capri 14.2 for sale

    Not For Sale Looks like I get to keep the boat. It has become apparent to my wife that I will be grumpy all winter if I have to sell the boat so I have a hall pass and will sail another day. Sorry for the false alarm, I appreciate the interest but I am thrilled that I can keep the boat. The...
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    1985 Capri 14.2 for sale

    Yes this boat is still for sale. Cleaned and out away in climate controlled storage. Raced it here in Idaho and we finished 4th out of 7 overall only racing day 2 and getting 4 of the 7 races in. I still do not want to sell but wife says it must go.
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    Adjustable Traveler

    I would try mounting a traveler race (similar to the race for the jib sheets travelers, just longer ) on the top rail of the stern. Add a jam cleat for adjustment instead of a static thumb screw. This will maintain the correct purchase on the main sheet and keep the main sheet astern and save...
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    Loose Shrouds

    Try adjusting your rig tight to loose to see what the effects on sail vs helm are. You can steer your boat without helm based on rig trim. Always adjust stbd & port equal mid ship then tune forestay and jib halyard to balance for helm and wind conditions. Rule of thumb is loose for light...
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    Question on Propeller Rotation and Effects of Outboard Motor on Direction of Boat

    motor out if you must, point into the wind and put the sails up and shut down the motor.
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    1985 Capri 14.2 for sale

    I have a nice 14.2 with all original docs and manuals form Catalina. Built in 1985. Sail and hull matching # 699. Red hull with white sails. Sails are in very good clean condition (no rips, unseaming or mildew) just not super crisp. Sheets and halyards are fine but could be replaced. Shrouds...