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    For Sale, 2002 Laser 172986

    I would like to talk to you about your Laser. Please email me at apdp627 at hotmail dot com
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    Wanted:Radial Lower Mast Section

    I have a nearly new lower radial mast. I am in the 13326 postal code if you want to check on shipping to your area.
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    Class sail for laser radial wanted

    I have one that is essentially new and in pristine condition.
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    2004 Vanguard Laser #181094 -- New Price $3,200

    Pictures added. More available.
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    Laser Radial wanted

    I have a 2004 Vanguard for sale with radial, full and 4.7. It has been sparingly sailed and looks nearly new. Has a dolly, blade bag, etc. Choose whatever rigs you want. Contact me at aporter(at)colgate(dot)edu
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    2004 Vanguard Laser #181094 -- New Price $3,200

    NEW PRICE: $3,200 2004 Vanguard Laser (181094) in great shape with top and bottom covers, full rig. Bone dry and hardly a scratch on the hull. Sail is in solid shape, stored indoors and lightly used. Harken vang, new mainsheet, ready to race. Seitech dolly. $3,200. A Trailex Laser trailer is...
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    Questions on Laser Sail Number

    I actually had the same situation. Recently purchased a 2009 Laser that also had an "L" in the code, which by the numbering convention would indicate my sail number starts 21xxxx. In fact, that is what is on the sail. There is a silver/metallic sticker at the back of the cockpit that says the...