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    Gudgeon bracket for sunfish- need used or measurements to make it

    I could use your help. I am changing over the rudder on my 1971 Sunfish to the newer style used on post-1971 boats like yours. Unfortunately, the stainless steel transom bracket that holds the rudder pivot pin (#85011) is unavailable from dealers and on back order by the manufacturer, so I...
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    Sunfish Hull

    If there are no takers, I could use the gudgeon bracket if so equipped (post-1971 boat). I am updating my rudder style. Thanks.
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    Small Rudder Problem

    The flat stock under the wingnut/nut at the top does act as a spring. With age, the springiness of the metal weakens and less resistance against the rudder is needed to pop it out of the bracket. This problem led me to begin installing the post-71 gudgeon style rudder setup on my boat as it...