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    Spring clothing question

    An admittedly biased opinion, but here is a link to gear for those kind of temperatures. I wear this setup in temperatures as low as air temp in the 30s comfortably, but I am from Canada :D
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    Anthony Bourdain sails the Devil Laser

    Where is the "Like" button? :D
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    different mainsheet blocks

    Yes - love the Orbit block!
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    Shop for Laser parts in Vancouver?

    Glenmore Sailboats
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    This Sums It Up

    Love it!!!:D
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    2013 Radial Worlds

    Slight change to the above, but yes. Open Standard and Masters in Oman, 4.7 and Standard Junior location not yet determined. See page 5 in
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    why do people use compasses?

    It's great at measuring that shift you just missed :D
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    Harken Kicker Differences

    Other than the fact that the orientation is different and the one on the left is rigged up, I fail to see a difference.
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    Competitive Weight

    Typically no races are scheduled until the afternoon when the breeze is on. If you're 170 lbs or less, you probably want to consider Radial.
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    Advice to Newbs - Lessons learned from first sail

    The head of the tiller gets worn over time. Mix up a bit of epoxy and apply to the wear spots and you'll have a nice, snug fit again.
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    Spar carrier

    Similar here. Just carried a Tasar on top on my Laser with the spars lashed to the dolly, Seattle to Vancouver. Did I mention that the tow vehicle was a Mazda MX-5 (Miata) :D
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    Boom sleeve

    You can buy the boom sleeve for $30 and install it. IMHO, the boom will fail without it - it's only a matter of time.
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    North West Racing

    Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of dinghy racing going on mid-Island. It's awaiting someone like yourself to get it organized :D You may want to contact the Royal Victoria Yacht Club to see if they know of anything going on further north on the Island: Good luck, and...
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    D6: Frostbite Regatta Series

    The first of the district's winter regattas got underway this past weekend with the Bluenose hosted by the Kitsilano Yacht Club. Conditions were generally light, with a few gusts reaching 10 knots at the end of the day on Sunday. Top three Standard Rig competitors were Alexander Heinzemann and...
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    Need new hiking pants

    $140 for shorts, $170 for 3/4 length: