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    Motor or No Motor

    I'm 48 and lazy Some people will try to convince what you do or don't need by bragging about themselves, but it is good safe boating to have a well maintained small outboard off the stern and I would recommend the motor mount. If you need to add a motor wount, make sure you clear the rudder...
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    New to sailing - new to the 14.2 - can I do this?

    Cut a foot off the mast? I guess. All this talk about reefing. I cleat the mainsheet alot but you could just hang onto it and let it out when the wind picks up...I must admit the most wind I've had it out in is about 10 to 15 knots. I need to get the jiffy bob, but I also need a mast cap...
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    14.2 easy to capsize?

    Haven't gone over yet, fingers crossed! Been sailing ours about 10 or 15 times over two years and haven't gone over yet, and not really close...yes, it is sensitive to weight placement, and since I am the heaviest I usually dictate the heel...and its cool that it is sensitive to weight as you...
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    Ebay auction for Hull #4136 Just thought I'd mention it....I think that its been in the water for awhile; I'm always leery when people dont show the undersides.
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    New eBay listing
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    Fixed keel C14 for sale on ebay

    this looks so strange seeing this little boat with a fixed keel sitting high on the trailer...look at the sails, its marked C14k, is k for keel? I wondr what the cockpit looks like with no pad-eyes for the kik-cup center board so you don't slice your ankles or achilles? But can't go over the...
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    Some pix from season 1

    Opening day season two - Spring break Apalachicola Bay, FL Water is very warm in the bay....seafood is awesome, but I am told sharks and alligators lurk, and there are an abundance of dolphins, which is that added incentive to get the kids on board. Bought an Explorist 210 Handheld GPS from...
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    Another one just posted to ebay!
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    Some pix from season 1

    Alright...gotta show that one to the kids my kids're going to want to do that too....except my son Zac (9) will want to be Link from Zelda and daughter Zoe (6) will want to be a princess who is practing for American Idol. What waters do you sail in, OH?
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    Furling Jib

    Jib Hanks Isn't there anything I can do on my own to replace the jib hanks? I've been researching jib hanks and really can't find anything on the Internet, or at West Marine. I don't want to have to pay a sail maker, and I really don't want to furl a jib...two more lines to tangle in the...
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    Some pix from season 1

    little perspective needed here is that left and right when my head is turned looking back at the trailer or in the rear view mirror? And the thing is that once it starts going one way and you don't want it to go that way, it keeps going that way no matter which way you turn the
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    Some pix from season 1

    Itchin to get out myself January was unseasonably cold here just north of Atlanta at Lake Lanier so we haven't been able to time the good days....had one earlier this week, 70F, Sunny, and steady winds.... probably a little too much wind though. The wide open ramp is what I need...I still...
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    Some pix from season 1

    Some fun from last summer
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    Jib Furling

    I'm back OK, did I ever start that other thread, I don't remember? You other Georgia guys sail much the rest of the year? Last summer was our first year with our boat and we enjoyed about 6 sails, most on Lake Lanier. I am awful at backing a trailer with or without a boat on it down a ramp...
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    Georgia members? Alabama? Carolinas?

    Lake Lanier Well the boat ramp area can get dicey, but I bought a 2.5 hp Yamaha that gets us in and out; the hard part is the fact that there is very little dock room so my wife pulls the SUV into a spot and then comes back down to the dock and waits for me to pull in between all the motor...