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    Block suggestions for main sheet

    copied tag exactly with the configuation on both my fish (fishes?) 57mm carbo + cleat that you cant reach (appropriately) when you are hiked out. have been toying with the idea of jam cleats on each side of the deck just aft of the daggerboard and out towards the edges, but they just arent...
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    JE, depending on what your doing you'll need to adjust what you do: if you are sailing too close to the wind and pinching, than you need to bear off just the right amount and pick up some speed. if you are sailing too far off the wind and tacking without sheeting in then you are trying to...
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    I've Always Painted with Rustoleum...

    ...and you could be planing at a dead stop!;)
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    I've Always Painted with Rustoleum...

    looks like the beer box is the best use for it!:D
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    I Think I Accidentally Started An Alcort Museum...

    looks like you did it on purpose!;)
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    omg a sunfish for sale in the neighborhood...

    so there's a third sunfish i could buy in the 'hood. do i need a third, even though nobody sails with me? its yellow, from the 70's and its soooooooooo beautiful. i could sell my red one!? or make a triple decker for my double decker trailer. or just buy the part$$$$$$ to make it...
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    Sunfish side-switching as you tack - How do you do it?

    where'd you get your writing lessons, tolstoy?
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    Help for brand-new sunfish sailor?

    pay attention to craigslist - every once in a while one pops up. i was able to pick up a seitech for two hundred bucks. highly recommended.
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    Mast base

    I'm one of those hole-drillers. In my experience there will always be water where you dont want it and there's not point in sealing it in.
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    seitech dolly comparison

    I picked up a seitech dolly off of craigslist yesterday for my sunfishes. But its a laser dolly. Is there any reason I should engineer a trade for a sunfish Dolly (haven't tried it for for fit yet) or are they the same enough.
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    Trailer rollers

    i replaced mine with exactly what wavedancer recommends and voila! marks no more.
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    Sunfish Hull Wanted

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    Which would you rather have? 2 Sailfish, or a '60 Vette??

    lets see if the vette floats...
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    New to me pre-71 SF w issues including warped foredeck. Feedback please

    petrel, i'm a mile or two from biscayne bay. (and i love humidity - all 13 months of it.) you need to go back and look at the video. the polyethelyne (non-stick) and the peel ply (aka release fabric) are used for different purposes. you make a multi-layer repair matt upsidedown on peel ply...
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    Here’s the Sailing Video the Olympics Doesn’t Want You to See

    funny irish guy narrating a race: