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    Sad News

    Vic and Pat were wonderful people who always supported the Sunfish Class. Deepest sympathies to Pat.
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    Video of maiden voyage take 2

    Nice video but suggest you wear a PFD.
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    installing racing cleats on boom

    The block installed at the tack of the sail for the cunningham is not legal for racing.
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    Return Sunfish Manufacturing to the USA

    Remember on the sales price is that your $5,000 price for a Sunfish is what a dealer charges. The manufacturer gets much less and that also includes the mast, spars, blades and sail. My guess is the you have to sell a Sunfish for less than $4,000 to a dealer for them to make an adequate profit.
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    Return Sunfish Manufacturing to the USA

    The basic question is probably how much would you be willing to pay LP for the Sunfish rights? As we all know everything is for sale at the right price. You would probably have to pay to get the molds back from China as well. Next would be how much could you make by selling Sunfish boats? Does...
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    New Sailor: which Sunfish for me??

    Having the adjustments of a race rigged Sunfish gives you more control during high winds and more power during light winds. Overall it will make you sailing experience better. Given your needs it seems you should consider a used boat in good shape instead of a new one (if you can find a new...
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    Chinese Built Boats

    Hi Alan, I believe a few are in the country. Rumor has it that Sunfish Direct has a couple. Interested in hearing how the new boats do.
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    Water IN the hull

    Mark - It is not uncommon to develop a leak in older Sunfish. Check out the Sunfish Knowledge Base to figure out how to locate the problem and fix it.
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    Boom rubbing on deck, gooseneck sliding downwards

    Nick - Sounds like the knot on your halyard is slipping. Put some tape (duct tape works best) just past your knot and that will keep it from slipping up on the spar. Good luck.
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    aluminum strip for sailfish?

    Lake - I believe that Sunfish Direct has the metal rail. Check out their web site. Good luck
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    Sunfish Racing; Interested with Questions

    I really suggest you take a learn to race class to get the basic rules and structure of a sailboat race. All sailboat races are similar, including those for the Sunfish. As an alternative help out on a race committee boat for a day or two and ask the experienced race managers how the races are...
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    Replacement bow hook/handle

    Hi Lakesailer. Remember that the bow handle has wooden blocks backing it inside the hull. The blocks probably fell out when the original handle was removed. Just screwing the new handle into the old holes will not be very strong.
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    Why do racers have their sails so low?

    Nene - Raising the sail in heavy wind will not improve the handling of the boat. Raising the sail will move the center of effort higher off the water. As a result the boat will tend to be more tippy. I suggest you check out the Jens Rig section of the Sunfish Bible to learn how to better rig...
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    Moving Gooseneck

    Loosen the nut opposite the quick release lever on the gooseneck a little. That will give you enough clearance to move the boom.
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    Newbie wondering about buying this 2001 fish

    I agree with the comments above. The weight of the boat will tell you whether it leaks. If you are a little handy you can sand and repair the daggerboard and other parts. An inspection port is also easy to install to keep things dry inside. Good luck.