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    looking for a cheap used full-rig sail

    sailable condition, not great
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    looking for a cheap used full-rig sail

    I have plenty for $25 plus shipping
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    Need laser in CO.

    I have a couple of 19934 lasers to choose from $1750 and $2250. I will be traveling to Nebraska City, Ne. in August and could bringing with me. Don 269-569-2794
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    Laser parts wanted

    I have all of these parts, available in SW Michigan. Don
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    Need used Laser

    I have a great project boat located in Michigan, 1993 boat, $1750 with all parts, ready to sail, needs some cosmetic repairs Don
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    Laser Standard sail and lower mast wanted.

    I have a number of full rig lower mast sections, located in Michigan
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    Jotag Dolly from Intensity Sails

    I have one love it. New solid tires are great, no flats
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    does anyone know where i can find a Laser for 2000$? (MIAMI)

    I have 2 for sale 1993 in Michigan?
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    Looking for two lasers

    Hi Ian, I have 2 1993 boats race ready, $3950 with 1 dolly, no trailer though. Former Annapolitin now located in Saugatuck, Michigan. Don
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    LASER Rudder and Tiller Wanted

    $200, used rudder blade, head, tiller and extension. Shipping not included. I am located in Saugatuck , Michigan
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    LASER Rudder and Tiller Wanted

    I have plenty, for play or race? Don
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    2003 Lasers for Sale, $1750 and $1500

    I have two 2003 Lasers in good shape although both have had repairs to the hull (can send pictures). Dry stored, previously U of Colorado Navy ROTC boats used about 1 month per year. Now sailed in Saugatuck, Michigan. Many spar sections, sails, rudders and dagger boards to choose from. $1750 and...
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    Four lasers for sale 3 x 1993's and 1 x 2000

    1 left, no trailers. Don 269-569-2794
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    Laser Parts Wanted

    Hi Nancy, I sent a text to your phone, let me know if you received it? 2 dagger boards, 2 rudders, 2 tillers, 2 tiller extensions, 1 class legal sail with battens, $1010.00. If you received the text I can send photos as well? See you in Tulsa. Don
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    Laser Parts Wanted

    I have most of these used parts, daggerboards, rudders, sails , stoppers are easily found at your local West Marine or online. I am located in Michigan but Iwill be traveling to Tulsa in mid October for a horse show if that helps? Don, 269-569-2794