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    Fall Cleaning Experience

    End of sailing season time... I pulled the boat from the lake where it had been on my slip since May. The bottom was green and brown and some growth had become solid. Last year I had my boat cleaned by my marina and it was not completely done and it was expensive. This year I decided to...
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    Transporting the thing....

    Should be just fine... Mine is a two inch ratchetting strap. I also have one on the trailer below the centerboard to protect it if it becomes loose.
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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    I was looking at the post for access ports, and have a concern. The deck is load bearing for the mast. I have a concern about cutting a hole in this structure. I have no problem with the seats access ports.
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    information about a capri 14.2

    It is a great boat to start or restart! You may want to look at the refitted boat for sale by DHawk in Dayton. I bought my 14.2 in NE Ohio from an owner who got great use form it. I would go for it if you are working with one to three people in the boat. If more I would go with a 16.5 or...
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    position of centerboard

    DK Complete Sailing Manual by: Steve Sleight, Truman Morris This is one of the best out there and has a section on centerboard settings for dingies. One trick not there and should be used with great caution is raising the centerboard to reduce healing force by introducing slipping. I have...
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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    Great approach! I think it could be extended as a boom crutch as well or as a stable base for a boom crutch. using the base Approach it would give more stabity to my Sailor's Tailor cockpit cover.
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    Electric Troller

    Take a look at Outboard what do I need? Thread. There is more info there. If you need to turn into the wind with much wind at all 30 will not make it. Sometimes it will not even work with all the sails down!
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    Singlehanded on a 14.2?

    Mine is a centerboard model. I am about 220# and have a battery and trolling motor on board as well. I sail in winds between 5 and 17-20 mph on a large lake. Heavy power boat traffic at times. The new setup is working much better.
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    Singlehanded on a 14.2?

    If I knew then... I just applied the traveler change suggested here and it made a world of difference. The close halled effect was dramaticly better. I single hand in winds 5-17 mph. Another large change is that it produces much lower interference between my 55 lb thrust trolling motor...
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    Storage at dock question

    No Pump, but It will self bail. I keep mine on a dock with a Sailors Tailor Cockpit cover. I use the cover to protect a flaked main sail over the boom . This allows me not to rig the main sail each time. It also keeps down the UV damage on the hatch, tiller and hiking straps.
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    I went with a 55# thrust trolling motor. So far so good. Wind was not high, but I had the jib up and the main was threaded into the mast. Thank you all for your advice.
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    jib coming off line.

    Who sells the snap clips mentioned. Are they a commercial product or custom? Thank in advance.
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    Sailing Venues - SW Ohio / E Indiana

    Good Day, I am starting this thread to share ideas for sailing locations in South West Ohio and Eastern Indiana. I am currently sailing on Brookville Lake in Indiana. I am docked at Kent's Harbor where the 14.2 shares space with my houseboat and the sport boat for my kids. There is a...
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    DHawke, I sail out of Kent's Harbor at Brookville Lake in Liberty, IN. Kent's is very busy, with a lot of boat traffic in tight quarters. Once on the lake the wind is high and if the boat is not into the wind raising the sail is near imposible. Thanks and good to hear from you...
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    Ok... Is 40# thrust enough or do I need more? I have been listening on this thread and I have a problem. I had a 28# thrust and could not get it to turn into the wind. I like to go out with the jib up to avoid loosing the hanks off the front stay. The main starts down. I want to put it up while...