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    Tips for stepping a 14.2 Expo mast

    How is your mast stepper guide working out. Any pictures of it in action would be great/ Perhaps something on You Tube showing it in action. Don
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    For Sale: 2013 Expo 14.2, 2.3hp Honda motor and trailer

    I assume the boat is sold at this point , but if not please E-Mail me.
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    Expo 14.2 turtling

    Thank you for the pictures. I don't believe that this would work on the Expo fiberglass mast. However it is a very neat job. Thanks again Don
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    Wanted: Expo 14.2

    wanted: Expo 14.2 Price is open with condition and year.
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    Cost of new Expo 14.2?

    If I cannot find a used Expo what can I expect to pay for a new one. I have the sticker price list. What would a dealer likely sell one for boat and trailer.
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    Mast float on expo fiberglass mast

    Thank You. Do you have any experience with a mast float that will work with the furling mast on the expo 14.2
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    Jim, since you have not been on this page since Sept you may no longer be following it. If you...

    Jim, since you have not been on this page since Sept you may no longer be following it. If you are, would you contact me a you seem knowledgeable about the Expo and I would like some advice.
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    Expo 14.2

    Thanks Doug, I wonder if this will work on the Expo since it has a furling main sheet mast. If you get any more feedback please let me know. Don
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    Expo 14.2 turtling

    Sorry about the repetitive question but has anyone had problems with the Expo 14.2 turtling. Perhaps the fiberglass mast is sealed and floats to prevent turtling. Anyone with experience with capsizing an Expo. I sail alone most of the time and a boat that turtles easily would no be a good...
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    Mast float on expo fiberglass mast

    need to rephrase the above thread. Does the Expo with the fiberglass mast not turtle like the Capri 14.2 with the Aluminum mast. Is the Expo mast sealed so that it will float. Anybody capsized an Expo and not had any turtling problems. Any info will be helpful. I sail alone almost all the...
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    Mast float on expo fiberglass mast

    anyone attach a mast float on the expo fiberglass mast to prevent turtling?
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    Expo 14.2

    I have been reading about the advantages of a mast float to prevent turtling. Has anyone attached the "baby bob" or other float the fiberglass mast on the expo. I cannot find a reference to anyone doing this. Don
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    Expo 14.2

    HI. Are you the same person that has the 14.2 for sale in Clearwater fl. Don
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    Expo 14.2

    Hi Jim, I live just down the street from tiki watersports. I am looking for a 14.2 expo but am concerned about stepping the mast. I almost always sail alone, how do you step the mast and it is difficult for you. Don