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    Seeking Phantom 14 rudder

    maybe,if somebody has run aground and torn their Phantom asunder, they would be willing to sell u the parts. Extremely hard to come by unless you know somebody in Great Britain. A couple of leads went nowhere, but was finally referred to a guy in Rhode Island, who not having Phantom rudders or...
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    Seeking Phantom 14 rudder

    my rudder/tiller for my Phantom 14 is at the bottom of lake in southern Adirondacks. The man in Maine who bought the rights for the Phantom and was producing clones has suspended making them. Seeking used or new rudder/tiller or suggestions on how to modify Sunfish equipment for same. thanks, Don
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    seeking Phantom rudder

    extreme sailing on small Adirondack lake this July resulted in my 14 ft. Phantom turtling. Rudder sank in a few seconds. Unable to locate and am seeking to buy new or, preferrably, used one. Thanks for all suggestions