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    Wanted:  Wanted expo 12 or 14.2 in Florida

    I'm looking for an expo in Florida. I live in Clearwater but will travel for the right deal. The best way to get me is email me directly at Dom
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    Expo 14.2

    That's me, it sold a few weeks ago.
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    Expo 14.2

    The mast is very light. It's easy to step solo. If I'm launching from a beach, I'll pull the boat off the trailer in the shallows then step the mast with the boat beached. If I'm launching from a ramp I'll climb on the boat and step it while it's still securely strapped to the trailer...
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    Bimini on an expo/capri?

    I know it seems like overkill...but..we go on a lot sails that last all day in the Florida sun. I was thinking a bimini might be really nice. Has anyone here done that to their expo/capri? I'd have to figure out a way to route the mainsheet down the boom. ..your thoughts?
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    Expo 14.2

    Any launch spots you can recommend?
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    Expo 14.2

    Can you recommend any good launching/sailing areas in the keys for the expo? We are coming down in August to camp for a few nights and we'll be bringing our Expo as well. July Sailing with our new Catalina Expo 14.2 by Dom, on Flickr
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    Expo 14.2

    I trailer my 14.2 with the boom in place and I trailered the 12 with the boom in place as well. I never had an issue. That doesn't mean nothing would ever happen. But the boom is awkward to lay in the cockpit, I'm going to live dangerously and keep going the way I'm going.
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    Expo 14.2

    They are great boats. Just sold my 12 and picked up a 14. It's not much harder to beach launch and much more room and speed.
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    A family of expos

    I've got both now! Just picked a expo 14.2 to go with the expo 12. Went on the first sail today. It's a pretty cool boat. Hopefully tomorrow. There will be a bit more wind. Our new Catalina Expo 14.2 in the driveway, with our old Catalina Expo 12 - Tuesday 06.23.15 by Dom, on Flickr
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    Trailer weight of expo 14.2

    Any ideas of the weight of trailer and expo 14.2 combined? I want tow with my air cooled vanagon.
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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'd be interested in the boat of you still have it...

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'd be interested in the boat of you still have it for sale in the fall.
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    How long to rig a Capri 14.2?

    I've got a Expo 12 right now, but I'd like a bit more room. I'm spoiled with the ease of rigging the expo. About how long does it take the rig the capri from sitting on the trailer to in the water? Is the mast easy to step with one person?
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    Florida winter sunfish sailing

    I was putting the boat away today and it seemed much heavier. Is there anyway to drain it without adding the inspection hatches? If I do add the hatches should I do the leak test first or after? Or does it not make a difference?
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    Best places to live?

    The West coast of Florida. Great sailing, great weather, and warm water year round.